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  1. Thanks for asking the question as I never knew this existed. It looks like a brilliant resource and is now saved onto my iPad
  2. I saw this and thought it was a fun idea to get us into space even if it is just our names! It might be a way to get the kids into following the mission and sparking their interest. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2540758/Make-mark-space-Nasa-invites-etched-microchip-heading-asteroid-Bennu.html
  3. You can never have too much of a good thing so Brian Cox is welcome on my tv anytime
  4. Living as I do in west London light pollution has always been the biggest obsticle when using my telescope. I've read the books and know what I should be seeing but I've spent hours in vain looking for something that's not a planet or the moon and until yesterday I haven't found any Messier objects however hard I try. During the summer my local council have been replacing the old orange street lights for well shielded led lights and the sky appears to be darker. This proved to be the case when I got my scope out last night for the first time in months. Saturn looked wonderful with its bands c
  5. I'm thinking of asking Santa nicely for a William optics binoviewer and wondered if any of you could let me know how easy they are to use with my skywatcher 200P. I've read horror stories about how difficult they are to get into focus and would appreciate any help and advice before Santa buys me something that will be a nightmare to use. I mainly observe planets and love looking at the moon so I thought these might be a nice idea.
  6. My scope is called Brian Cox. That way I can truthfully tell all my friends that I regularly have a night out with Brian!
  7. I shall add that to my Christmas list but with all those people viewing it on eBay they will sell out before then
  8. I've just listened and thoroughly enjoyed it
  9. I'm at Kelling Heath for the week and its been brilliant. Last night the sky was perfectly clear so I took the family outside to the viewing point and it was a night to remember. It's the first time any of us have seen a dark sky instead of the London light polluted one. We watched the ISS fly over, saw more Perseids than I could of ever thought possible and the Milky Way was amazing. It took my breath away. We went to bed absolutely buzzing with excitement and if you can impress teenagers that much then you know it's been something special! We are taking the telescope out tonight as the
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