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  1. Hi all I have just got an Evostar 120 refractor and when I look at Jupiter is has a purple tinge around it, I was told this is CA and you can get filters to filter this out, anybody know the best filter to use for this. Cheers..
  2. The evostar is looking favourite, does any one know if you can use 2" eye pieces with it?
  3. Hi there I have narrowed my choice of scopes to 2, a starstruck 120 or an evostar 120, anyone have experience or advice on these, cheers.
  4. Hi again I posted a while ago as I was thinking about getting an acuter 100mm spotting scope, well I am also looking at the Skywatcher Startravel 120, I want a scope that will give good views of Jupiter, Saturn and the moon and some nebulous but is quick and easy to set up as well as easy to carry around. This is a second scope I also have a syntax pro150 on an heq 5 pro mount. Anyone got any ideas on these scopes. Cheers
  5. Hi I am thinking about getting one of the above scopes as a second scope for when I just want a quick setup and look for a short period and I wondered if anyone has used or knows about these scopes. I was thinking of an 80 mm with a micro focuser on or a 100mm with a normal focused. Any info is appreciated cheers.
  6. Hi all I had a personal solar telescope for Christmas with a 20mm eyepiece (supplied) I can see the whole disk of the Sun but I think a different eyepiece might be better. Does anyone else have or use one of these and what eyepiece do you use. Cheers
  7. Thanks I have not used it for 3-4 months and it has been on charge in the bedroom all that time, I tried it yesterday and the flouresent light died after about 10 minutes and the lights said out of charge but after plugging it in and charging for about 3 minutes it showed fully charged again but today the light died after 2 minutes and so I think it is kapput.
  8. Hi everyone Yep I need a new power pack for my HEQ5 pro, the 2nd halfords one has just died, does any one have any sugesstions, I had thought about a Maplins one but several of them have bad reviews on the maplin site. Cheers..
  9. Hi everyone Yep I need a new power pack for my HEQ5 pro mount, the 2nd halford one has died again so I don't want another one from there, any one know of a good one, been thinking about a Maplins one! Cheers..
  10. Thanks guy`s now I understand and i will get that book
  11. This may seem daft but I can,t understand how to focus with only the camera body attached to the scope because the SLR cameras that I have used before I always focus using the lens.
  12. i have a laptop with registax for processing the images but i do not want to take it around with me, also how can i focus with no eyepiece or lens
  13. thanks for the reply but i do not want to take computers about so it will just be the slr for now.
  14. Hi everyone I would like to start taking pictures of planets and the moon and maybe some dso's. I have a skywatcher max 150 pro maksutov,with an 1800mm focal length this is on a HEQ5 pro synscan, I have been told to get a digital camera body and connect it the the scope without an eyepiece in the scope or lens on the camera. It has been sugested that I take several short videos and then use registax to stack them. I don't know if this will work or how I can focus the camera, any help will be appreciated. Cheers
  15. I went out tonigh with my HEQ5 synscan goto system and a Skywatcher 150 max pro maksutov cassegrain scope. About 2 weeks ago I upgraded the handset firmware to 3.32. So tonight was the first night out with it and after polar aligning and aligning with 3 stars I was doing a tour with the handset and it came up with "The ghost of Jupiter" I tried to go to it but it said it could not find it, has any one else heard of it???? Also I was looking at Jupiter and I noticed what looked like a dark or black spot on one of the rings, it moved very slowly, I could see the 4 moons so I dont think it was
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