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  1. Thank you for your advice, did you use default settings on the Camera.Solarastro
  2. I am using a Orion StarShoot Solar system Color Imaging Camera IV to image the Sun. I tried today(bank holiday Monday) and couldn't find focus. The camera setting are probably the main problem does any here use thr camera and could advise what they use. The only good thing is I now know how to use my HE5 PRO mount properly. Thank you for any help you can give me. Solarastro
  3. Thank you for your replies. I will be using three solar filters. Does anyone make an eyepiece filter?
  4. Can I use the Orion StarShoot USB Eyepiece camera to take single pictures of the sun using this camera, it sound like a video camera? Is it also compatible with all eyepieces or do I need a particle make to a attach my camera to? Thanks, Solarastro
  5. Are there any free to use pictures of Umbral Dots and Bright points that I can use during a talk in June. Anthony
  6. Was Hale the first to discover the magnetic setup in sunspots by accident, seem to remember reading that from somewhere? Anthony.
  7. Thank you for your warm welcomes. Anthony
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Anthony from Surrey. A solar astronomer by heart, for over 16 years that had small gap of a year but I am back into it big time again. Been on this forum since the new year. Hallo again, Anthony
  9. Hi Mick, Sorry, is the screen big enought to see if the sun is in focus at very magnitude. The screen look very small which could be a big problem. A problem you had as well. One other thing as well. Do you need to stick with the type of processor they state or can it be a little less poweful or is that a bad idea? Anthony.
  10. What about seeing focus on height magnitude? I am imaging the Sun as well? Anthony
  11. Can I use a NETBOOK to run my Orion starshootcolor imager IV? Thanks, Anthony.
  12. Can I NETBOOK to run my Orion starshootcolor imager IV? Thanks, Anthony.
  13. I agree with you Peter it does look like a light bridge. Anthony
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