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  1. Currently have skywatcher 150PL on EQ3 manual mount. Hopefully investing in small motor home soon for short (and longer) breaks and thinking of slightly more portable and space saving set up. Any suggestions for travel scope and mount or would bins be way to go. Budget is around £500. Set up is for visual observing rather than astrophotography.
  2. Took advantage of clear skies to view this month's Sky at Night moonwatch. Good views of crater Littrow and Montes Taurus, Le Monnier, and just able to pick out Mons Argaeus at around x200 with BST 12mm with x2 barlow and Apollo 17 landing site. I am always amazed that one is viewing the actual site. A most enjoyable session.
  3. Took a break from Saturn V lego model and spent a most enjoyable hour with the scope and moon watching, Focused on Sinus Iridium area, watching the sunrise over Montes Jura and Promontorium Laplace and Montes Recti and the changing shadows. Also took in the craters Archimedes, Aristillus, and Autolycus, Copernicus (and central peak), Eratoshenes. At the terminator great to see crater Kepler (I think) come out of shadow as the sun rose. All in all a very good session. There is always so much to see with our nearest neighbour.
  4. Spent a very rewarding hour or so with and exploring the Mare Humorum, Gassendi, and surrounding area, Was able to take the magnification right up with 9mm Myriad and x2 Barlow. Able to resolve the small craters on the mare floor and other finer details like Rupes Kelvin. Good views of Dopplemeyr and Vitello. Not really spent a whole session on this region before. Stunning to watch the sun catch the mountains on the edge of the mare and the shadows change over the period of the session. There is just so much to admire and reward and simply become lost in the wonder of our nearest neighbour.
  5. Not been out for a while - life and cloud getting in the way. So good to have clear (and warm!) skies last night. Spent some with Jupiter just visible over roof top opposite back garden. Seeing was somewhat fuzzy but enjoyable nevertheless. Had not tried out my new BSTs on a planet and again well pleased with their performance over my old stock EPs. Tried my 9mm Myriad but this was too much for the conditions so settled with 15mm and 12mm BSTs. Three moons making a pleasing line either side of the king of planets. With patience could make out some detail on NEB and SEB. Just able to make out start of the Ganymede transit. Whilst observing found myself thinking amazing that out there Juno mission still telling us more about this fine planet . So for me a most enjoyable session. PS Just as well was mot planning on any DSOs as neighbour security light came on which would not have been amiss for floodlighting a football pitch!
  6. I recently upgraded my EPs following break in and theft to BSTs and the BST barlow. Have had fine views with all, including the barlow.
  7. Des, sailing with a scope conjures up several images. It wasn't too breezy for me but I did close the Cambridge atlas as that was doing a good sail impression when open. Fortunately had my bearings by then.
  8. Took advantage last night of clear skies to put newly acquired BST EPs through their paces on some lunar viewing. Having looked up in my Cambridge Photographic Atlas and Gerald North Observing the Moon decided to spend some time exploring Mare Imbrium area. Started with the 25mm and then worked up to the 12mm and 9mm Myriad. Then x2 barlow with the 12mm and tried this with the 9mm but this was pushing it a bit far. So pretty much stayed with barlow and 12mm and the 9mm. Enjoyed great views of the surrounding ranges Alps, Appenines, Caucasus. Took in craters Plato, Archimedes, Autolycus, and Aristillus, then on to Eratosthenes and Copernicus the 12mm with barlow showing the central peaks well defined. Good views of Mons Pico and Piton. Also the Vallis Alpes - first time I have had a really good look at this (and to be honest that I was sure I had it!). The walls of Copernicus were throwing lovely shadows across the crater floor which could be discerned at the x200 of 12mm and barlow. I am fairly sure it was the Montes Jura I had in view in bottom right of EP view which were throwing some spectacular shadows. So continuing to be well impressed and delighted with the new acquisitions which are so much better than the stock EPs they replaced. I was also able to pick out some of the smaller craters (names escape me) on the Mare floor. All in all a very enjoyable hour and a half or more spent viewing our satellite.
  9. New/replacement eyepieces now have their new home. Looking forward, if skies stay clear to exploring Mare Imbrium region tonight.
  10. Really sorry to read /hear this. Same thing happened to me early January. I understand that if you have an Icloud account you can somehow remotely set up your Ipad so that when it is switched on you get an alert and also it locks the screen with message saying stolen. No idea how to do this though. Friend did it for my wife's Ipad which was stolen along with camera and my eyepieces. Fortunately scope was too big. I hope your insurers play ball as mine did - cash settlement for the astronomy gear.
  11. Took advantage of clear skies last night to put my new BSTs through their paces by trying for some of the doubles in this excellent past post on Orion Despite battling flood lights from neighbouring Jehovas Witness car park and neighbours security light was able to get good views of Meissa, Sigma Orionis, Alnitak and Mintaka from the list. The 12mm with and without barlow gave well defined views as did Myriad 9mm. I haven't spent a whole session searching for doubles before and really enjoyed the challenge and delight of just seeing these and imagining what it might be like to have one of these systems as your actual sun. There really is so much more to Orion when you start digging (or should that be looking/gazing )
  12. Charic if there was I would be more than tempted. The 5mm would be presumably too much for my 150PL? The 8mm is too close to the Myriad and as you observed in my earlier post/thread I was very attached to it and so had to be replaced like for like. But leaving aside the FOV the definition to me of the BSTs is as good as the Myriad (or vice versa).
  13. This post could have gone in observing but decided on here. First light last night with my new collection of BST Starguider EPs replacing a mixture of stock and other EPs which were stolen following break in at home address (have posted elsewhere on this). M45 was resplendent with the 25mm. Trapezium in M42 with 12mm and barlow resolved into four lovely sharp pinpoints in the midst of the nebula, then onto BBC Sky at Night Magazine star of the month Castor and again resolved the double into pinpoint sharp components. I never tire of either of these. Looked for M35 but due to light pollution had difficulty homing in even with Telrad on the guide star to get there - so this might be for a darker site (i.e. not my back garden). I am delighted with the set of 12mm, 15mm and 25mm. Huge improvement on what was stolen. Thanks again for the advice on my earlier post which guided me to decision to get the BSTs. Now can't wait for the next clear sky - when I think I will try for Leo Triplet and perhaps some of the clusters in February Skt at Night magazine article. Having read this through perhaps it should have gone in observing section .
  14. Thank you for all advice and ideas. Have now taken the plunge and waiting for delivery from FLO. Have gone with Myriad 9mm (I was very attached to it), and BST 12mm, 15mm, and 25mm, and x2 barlow. Replacing the Telrad as well and upgraded moon filter to a Baader. So once all arrives just need some clear skies. Given the comment about 6mm may not be used so much decided to leave that for now (and, I know may be less good because more glass, but can get x200 if barlow the 12mm). FLO had deal for 15% off if 4 BSTs (including barlow) which tempted me to get the 12mm. Once all received will then have to remember how to amend by signature
  15. Following theft of all eyepieces and other gear and insurers making a cash settlement (have posted on this in the Lounge) now have opportunity to start afresh. Scope is SW 150PL on EQ3-2 mount. I am visual rather than astrophotographer. I am definately replacing the Myriad 9mm eyepiece. Budget thereafter is around £300. Current thinking is Williams SPL 6mm, BST Starguider 25mm, and possibly also 15mm, and the BST barlow. Other option would be to start a TV collection with say one TV plossl instead of the two BSTs. Others' thoughts and suggestions appreciated before I relieve Auntie FLO of some gear.
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