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  1. Dougster, I come on here to get away from you, should you not be away plane spotting? . Didn't realise you were into astronomy too. I'll keep follow following your progress Welcome to the forum. Brian
  2. That is a really nice image Dave very clear, well to my untrained eye anyway, how do you find the celestron scope? How long does it take you to drive down to Galloway Forrest & how long do you usually view for? regarding the helicopter, need to be careful when that's about , the light on them would give you a suntan.Would imagine it would be quite blinding down the other end of a scope.
  3. As I mentioned it the post I did on the Welcome part of the site my wow moment was on a cruise about a year or so ago in the caribbean.Ended up down on the deck where the leisure facilities were at about 3 in the morning.All the facilities were shut & it was,very suprisingly, considering it was a lower deck & on a ship, a very dark area.The sight of the stars was breathtaking.I took a sun lounger, or in this case a moon lounger:D, & lay looking up for hours. Stunning. Quite a few folk took the rip out of me later about it but I ended up taking them down & they were as awestruck
  4. Dave, That is a rather well lit area & must be a pain. Once I get set up here I'll give you a nod as to how good the field at the back is for viewing & we'll go from there.Leadhills the land that time forgot your taking your life in your hands going up there.The Galloway forrest appears to be a very good site, might pay it a visit once I am confident with the scope. I was on the welcome thread & there is another guy there from Wishaw. He was going on about the police helicopter being a common site down there. I know from my other hobby, plane tracking via an Airnav Radarbox that
  5. Pete, I can see you from here with my binos. Once I get the scope I'll be able to watch your telly . You think you have made a mistake I think I have made a howler even thinking I could get involved in this malarky. I'll keep in touch even more so now I know I have another local expert . Clear skies Brian
  6. Thanks Luke, I am fortunate to stay about two miles out of a small town, so light pollution is minimal,I can't see my hand in front of my face at times & I have access to a large field at the rear of the house which, excepting the cow pats, is ideal for observing. As I said I am currently going through the trauma of selecting a scope & the guys on here have been excellent with their advice & patience,my only regret is that I didn't take the plunge into this earlier, but intend to make up for lost time. Thanks again for the welcome, will doubtless see you on the fo
  7. Hi Pete, Where abouts in Scotland are you? I introduced myself on the Scottish section of the forum, can't recall seeing your name there, & have already found a guy who stays about 6 miles away in Wishaw.I am just outside Carluke. May be an idea for you to drop by that section & introduce yourself. As the poor souls in the beginners advice section, who have been excellent, will testify I don't have a clue as to what kit to buy, I get a setup & miss something out or it's too heavy for the mount, but the guys have been great in keeping, or at least trying to keep me right, & I'll
  8. Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself, for those of you who haven't had to suffer my questions in the beginners advice thread . Do not own a scope yet & spending time asking questions on here,assessing the great advice & starting all over again because my initial idea was mince . The guys in the beginners advice have been brilliant & very patient. Recently divorced,hence having money to spend , & decided I should take up a hobby.I have always been fascinated by the heavens, & aircraft but that is another story, & have decided to embark,as many of you have already do
  9. Dave, I appreciate your advice & yes I agree the funds will take a severe dunt,if what I am seeing so far is anything to go by. Looking at Skywatcher Explorer-250P DS Skywatcher Coma Corrector Skywatcher EQ6 PRO SynScan Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTAQHY5 Guide CameraSkywatcher ED Deluxe BarlowSkywatcher Panaview 2" EP 32mmVariable Polarizing Moon Filter And I am already at £2000 more or less & now looking at imaging stuff & brackets, the list is endless & then someone will tell me the weight is too much, can't win. Where abouts in Wishy are you, do you have a reasonably
  10. Apologies for being back again, have kind of decided on setup, anyone see a problem with the following? Any pointers appreciated. I decided to compromise slightly on James suggestion & went for the Skywatcher Explorer 300DS. Will the eyepieces give me a good overall range of viewing? Skywatcher Explorer 300P DS OTA Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Synscan Skywatcher Coma Corrector Skywatcher ED Deluxe 2x two-inch Barlow Skywatch Panaview 2" eyepieces 26,32 & 38mm Baader RGB Filter Set with IR Variable Polarizing Moon Filter Premium Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece Skywatcher Dual Led Torch 2 Dozen Bo
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys. I started off looking at the Meade LS6, asked for advice in the beginners section & am now onto this kind of spec Skywatcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO Mak-Newt Astrograph Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO Synscan Skywatcher Startravel 80 OTA - As a Guider With the associated accessories I recon about £2500.00 plus a new DSLR camera. Good job I am going through a divorce or that would be grounds for one . Dave I will indeed let you know when I am up & running, probably take we a few days to decide & order etc, but it would be good for me to have someone who knows a bit a
  12. Hi guys, In Carluke,South Lanarkshire (much better than Wishaw:D ). Just getting into this malarky & have been bothering the life out of the experts on the begginers advice thread as to what is the best scope to buy. I am quite lucky I am just outside of Carluke & a neighbour owns the field over the back which is well away from any streetlights etc. When I decide on what scope, mindboggling stuff choosing the right one & accessories, which will probably be next week or so ,I'll let you all know how I get on & maybe arrange a gathering in the field. Clear skies Brian
  13. Hi James, For a man who drives a tractor you don't half know your stuff . Brilliant summary, even I can understand it. Will have a look at the guiding tutorials & decide if my IQ is up to it. The 190MN looks like a serious piece of kit,I am liking it very much although I don't know whether my bank balance will (Don't need to worry about the wife as she is currently being ditched hence me having money ) but it is favourite at present. Your suggestion seems to be a good balance for what I am looking at doing, just need to do my homework now. Thanks for the advice & keep the
  14. Cheers 182570, new to this stuff . Need an idiot guide
  15. Gaz,that looks like a good option but can you give me the long-hand version of 200P there are several flavours,what model would you recommend?
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