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  1. Thank's Ed that's great. I think that is really helpful information and it is good to be covered for everything. I will consider the Hyperion 24mm for sure - it looks like a very good eyepiece indeed. In my EP's that arrived with my scope one thing I have not managed to see is those amazing dust lanes! So with any luck that might be possible with an upgraded EP Thank you to everyone that posted on my thread! You've all really helped with making future decisions around Christmas Magic
  2. Thank you for your input too Rob! I have heard a great deal about those other eyepieces you mention and they do sound great. I am after a slightly wide field high magnification for planets though. I know this does cost more however I'm just looking for the best buy for my budget. I will definitely look at the Explore scientific and Meade and what everyone else has mentioned, thank you everyone
  3. Thank's a lot for the advice Sunshine. I have just taken a look at those and they sound good I think I might be tempted to get the 26mm one if i had to choose one of the three. I also looked at the Celstron x-cel's and I wonder if they might be good widefield EP's for 1.25"? Hi Ed - thank you for the advice. I just took a look at those Hyperions and they look great. Would you suggest maybe a Hyperion 24mm then for looking at something like the M31 or Orion nebula? Thanks!
  4. Very interesting Facts and theories. I personally think there must be bacteria that has made it to Mars. Capricorn your point really has got me thinking that there has been many Earth made machines that have made it to mars... has human bacteria always lived on mars since the first man made object to land on the planet
  5. Hey Guys, just more than 6 months ago i purchased my first telescope - the Skyliner 150p Dob. I have never regretted or looked back at my purchase I mean just seeing the ring's of Saturn in my opinion is priceless! My only concern is that I could benefit greatly from some more quality EP's. The 25mm EP provided with the scope in all honestly is not too bad. Everything seems relatively clear however I have never owned a quality EP so I have nothing to compare it too. The 10mm EP provided in all honestly needs improvement. I feel it is never quite sharp enough as it should be and it has poor eye relief. I have currently ordered the 12mm BST Explorer EP however I am looking to maybe add a few more to the collection - preferably a mixture of different EP's. If anyone has any advice about which ones they think would really benefit my scope that would be great. Obviously as much as i would love to buy a televue I just don't have the budget for it at the moment... maybe in the future I am open to anything up to 200 pounds at the moment so please post if you can give me some advice Many thanks Magical
  6. Just to help with the results I have Green eyes. Does anyone ever wonder like if people with different eye colors see colors different to what you can see personally. So your brown might be someone else's red however they have learnt it as brown? Lol
  7. Hey Guys, Me and my friend were talking about space earlier and a thought just popped into my head and my friend could not think of the answer either. I am just wondering if someone here could answer it for me? As there is no life or bacteria on Mars, what would happen to the bacteria that was actually on the Curiosity as it landed on mars? I know there are many ways to get rid of most bacteria however I am just very curious what NASA used. would all bacteria die on it's journey to the planet or was the Curiosity made of special material - or would the bacteria die on Mars? I'm just not sure If anyone could help me out that would be great, thanks! Magic.
  8. Thank you very much for your helpful input as well as providing me with pictures so I can actually see I think your pictures are great by the way but I know what you mean, the planet pictures just are not sharp enough at all except for the moon which is very easy to track. I wouldn't be using exposures anyway just raw video and camera footage so I think it would be even worse in my case. Thanks a lot for the detailed advice, appreciate it I will just leave the camera and upgrade me eyepiece instead until i get a new scope one day
  9. Thanks Vince! I think I will play a good part in that club That Dream sounds really cool Ganymede, I think (even though it sucks you didn't get to go on the moon trip) its amazing our imagination produced such a wild fun dream and it makes sleeping so much more funner
  10. Hi Guys, As Christmas is coming up (so excited!) I have already bought everyone their present's and I'm thinking of treating myself as well! I really need some help from members that have experience with photography/video with cameras on a Dob that would also work with my Skywatcher Skyliner 150p dob. If you would be so kind could you please let me know what I should buy for this to be possible? My main concern is for taking pictures of Planet's however if DSO's are possible then that is a bonus! I currently hold my phone up to the lens which is fine but not ideal to say the least. Thanks guys
  11. Hi, I have had two memorable astronomy dreams. My first one did not really make too much sense however me and my family were in the garden having a BBQ and Saturn was absolutely massive in the sky (bigger than the sun) along with loads of different nebula's filling the sky with all of their colours. And then about a week ago I had a dream where the world was hugely under threat. Saturn was approaching our planet and you could see it with the naked eye in the sky with it's rings etc. It wasn't massive but it was quite big just slightly smaller than the sun and Saturns moon Titan was due to hit Earth very shortly. Saturn was visible along with the sun to the right and if I looked right up into the sky you could see this giant moon filling a huge chunk of the sky. It gradually got bigger and bigger until it actually entered our atmosphere and slowly descended and crashed down into earth. It didn't make much sense though since I still survived as well as my family in my dream and earth wasn't destroyed but still a very fun dream.
  12. I can imagine that... it's just one of those object's you look at and even though it is so spectacular - there is still some mystery to it and some hidden gems that just need spotting!
  13. Hi All, I'd just like to post my experience viewing the Orion Nebula for the first time ever! All as i can say is it is absolutely amazing!!!! I mean i honestly never thought it would be as spectacular as when i actually saw it through the telescope, I don't even think astronomy pictures do it justice in term's of it's beautiful coloring! It has this beautiful mysterious almost dark green dust. It's so easy to spot through the telescope and honestly... if you have not seen this yet for whatever reason, when you do I think it will become one of your favorite things to view. I genuinely thought nothing would top Saturn but I think this is definitely on par with Saturn now. Guys and girls that have not viewed this already, please go out with your telescope if it's clear and your not too tired You wont regret it. Thanks for reading! P.S. If you can recommend anything else that is worth viewing, please let me know! Magic
  14. From my experience venus still looked better at night, in the day you can still clearly see the crescent though I would love to see what Saturn looks like in the day!
  15. 19, and not looking foward to the big 20!
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