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  1. I love to see photos of Jupiter, Saturn always steals the headlines but you can't beat a good colour shot of our local giant, Is there software you can use post shot to sharpen photos?
  2. It is indeed, I have no skill in photography but you gotta admire the perseverance you guys put in to getting "that shot"
  3. Mine was planets,but not a big deal just aesthetics i guess, not too much DSO for me unless I travel, and I dont do photography being rather new to this game, time spent taking photos is time lost just watching the comos at work .
  4. Thanks John i've never looked through an apo, I appreciate you taking time, odd how I knew you would have owned both
  5. Moonlite, i looked at those, then saw the price and looked away.. they do like nice though, Is the view through the ED vastly superior to the standard SW evostar 120? from a visual perspective that is.
  6. That's a lovely pair you got there (coudn't resist sorry ) What seperates the SW Equinox Pro from the Pro ED? apart form a couple hundred pounds the optics appear on paper to be identical..
  7. Be very interesting to read, hope you got more than i full set arriving John will you post here when you put the review....... I guess in the EP forum, just incase I should miss it....?
  8. I remember you mentioning those before, been looking ever since imposible to find seems around 2007 the market dropped right out for them, Aries were making them but I haveno idea how such a popular device ceased manufacture??? cost maybe,, they were not cheap from what I can tell. Thanks guys £80 or so saved
  9. A pretty good point ronin, I dont know that i need one, in fact i know very little about filters except what i read on here and elsewhere, more just trying to improve my nights out in any way I can, losing a bit of blue fringe might help? I am not sure, as I said I can live with the fringing i get. hopefully the concensus will follow yours and i can spend my money on something else I think I need I only do visual and the odd sketch, mostly planets/ moons and doubles, so i dont need an apo, but i thought if it went in the diagonal i could pretty much leave it there?
  10. What about Hutech orthos? never used them but they seem to have decent optics, narrow fov but is it a big deal for planetary stuff?
  11. Darn posted instead of previewans I cant edit..... Or is it not necessary and I can just get the 1.25 and still use a 2" ep if needed? but maybe upgrade the Diagonal anyway..but only 1.25.
  12. I use a modest sized Refractor at 6" & f8 there is a "little" ca, it really isn't too obtrusive (for me) but I think I am ready to get filtering. My question isn't wich one, (I know how rare to have decided on a piece of equipment wihtout 100 threads telling you which is the best) I am eyeing up the Baader Semi APO filter, it comes in 1.25 and 2" , my scope has a 1.25 diagonal and a 2" focuser with an adapter to 1.25, Should I replace the stock diagonal with a higher quality 2" and then buy a 2 " filter? Then can I leave it in there even if if I use a 1.25 ep? My thinkimg is that if I get the 2" and also a new 2 " diagonal I can in the future if needed plug a high mag 1.25 or a wider fov 2" ep in without having to mess around? I think that makes sense Thanks guys
  13. It is a shame, sadly this community like any other has a few bad eggs, luckily they are a real minority, well played to your benefactors
  14. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/171025-astronomy-ceter-in-todmorden/page__hl__%2Bbreak+%2Bin+%2Btodmorden Would be nice if they did get the gear back/ catch someone. This is the last thread I think, other than that no idea.
  15. Hi, Anyone had experience with this mount? Altair Sabre Alt-Azimuth, I plan to stick a Bresser 127/1200 achro on it and possibly a vixen A80 MF not always together but maybe. Is the lack of slow motion control a big deal? I hear not as the clutches are pretty smooth, I dont care about AP and dont often look beyond the solar system. Thx
  16. Many threads, this was mine http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/175072-zoom-eyepieces/ For my part in this thread I opted to stick with stock and slowly and I mean slowly build up my collection of Vixen NLV, I did purchase the pretty cheap TS HR Planetary zoom 7.2 - 21.5, for convenience just to satisfy my need for more stuff . It is cheap but gives a reasonable view if you are not used to TV or some other high brand.
  17. Gary70


    Hey Line, remember this thread and refer back to it when you finally settle on the 1 st scope, I wonder if it will still be a dob???? Don't rush, hit a club or 2 scan the online stores and visit just about any review website you can find. Oh and ask this lot..... maybe start here you seriously can't pay for the knowledge we get for free here...
  18. Me too, combined with My Phillips atlas of the Universe I get lots of reading pleasure. I also find my way to Observing the Solar System - Gerald North pretty often too.
  19. Well informed opinion as usual,, thanks guys. I googled RP focusers for more information and as usual it brought up a link for this forum Thought i'd link it here might be useful to any other "new" guys.
  20. I was wondering about the differences between these two focusers, I read in descriptions and reviews about how a certain instrument benefitted from a nice crayford focuser or how the rp focuser gave smooth non slop action. Is the crayford so great? I still see many new scopes being supplied with rp especially in the larger ones so it just a cost thing? I have only used regularly the rack and pinion I find it very adequate and have very little experience of crayford but wonder if I am missing out on something that could improve my nights out?
  21. The 127 TS elite is more costly than the bresser and others is it considered superior or is it just more expensive because it is............ more expensive? Almost sure to drop onto a 127 now, seems the CA can be an issue over that (well acording to reviews and so on)
  22. Stop posting things My wife says i can't afford Slightly back on track, the TS elite is almost twice the price of Bresser 127 and TAL 100, and you can get a 150 for around the same money, going on the you get what you pay for mantra, is the TS a greatly superior 5" er? (compared to these not the ones John keeps teasing us with )
  23. Heck no, polished brass on deep red,Lovely. stick that on a dark wood mount, be a classic in no time, you just wait
  24. I came across this, not grounbreaking just interesting. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/video/2013/feb/08/how-big-universe-grain-sand-video
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