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  1. I love to see photos of Jupiter, Saturn always steals the headlines but you can't beat a good colour shot of our local giant, Is there software you can use post shot to sharpen photos?
  2. It is indeed, I have no skill in photography but you gotta admire the perseverance you guys put in to getting "that shot"
  3. Mine was planets,but not a big deal just aesthetics i guess, not too much DSO for me unless I travel, and I dont do photography being rather new to this game, time spent taking photos is time lost just watching the comos at work .
  4. Thanks John i've never looked through an apo, I appreciate you taking time, odd how I knew you would have owned both
  5. Moonlite, i looked at those, then saw the price and looked away.. they do like nice though, Is the view through the ED vastly superior to the standard SW evostar 120? from a visual perspective that is.
  6. That's a lovely pair you got there (coudn't resist sorry ) What seperates the SW Equinox Pro from the Pro ED? apart form a couple hundred pounds the optics appear on paper to be identical..
  7. Be very interesting to read, hope you got more than i full set arriving John will you post here when you put the review....... I guess in the EP forum, just incase I should miss it....?
  8. I remember you mentioning those before, been looking ever since imposible to find seems around 2007 the market dropped right out for them, Aries were making them but I haveno idea how such a popular device ceased manufacture??? cost maybe,, they were not cheap from what I can tell. Thanks guys £80 or so saved
  9. A pretty good point ronin, I dont know that i need one, in fact i know very little about filters except what i read on here and elsewhere, more just trying to improve my nights out in any way I can, losing a bit of blue fringe might help? I am not sure, as I said I can live with the fringing i get. hopefully the concensus will follow yours and i can spend my money on something else I think I need I only do visual and the odd sketch, mostly planets/ moons and doubles, so i dont need an apo, but i thought if it went in the diagonal i could pretty much leave it there?
  10. What about Hutech orthos? never used them but they seem to have decent optics, narrow fov but is it a big deal for planetary stuff?
  11. Darn posted instead of previewans I cant edit..... Or is it not necessary and I can just get the 1.25 and still use a 2" ep if needed? but maybe upgrade the Diagonal anyway..but only 1.25.
  12. I use a modest sized Refractor at 6" & f8 there is a "little" ca, it really isn't too obtrusive (for me) but I think I am ready to get filtering. My question isn't wich one, (I know how rare to have decided on a piece of equipment wihtout 100 threads telling you which is the best) I am eyeing up the Baader Semi APO filter, it comes in 1.25 and 2" , my scope has a 1.25 diagonal and a 2" focuser with an adapter to 1.25, Should I replace the stock diagonal with a higher quality 2" and then buy a 2 " filter? Then can I leave it in there even if if I use a 1.25 ep? My thinkimg is that if I get the 2" and also a new 2 " diagonal I can in the future if needed plug a high mag 1.25 or a wider fov 2" ep in without having to mess around? I think that makes sense Thanks guys
  13. It is a shame, sadly this community like any other has a few bad eggs, luckily they are a real minority, well played to your benefactors
  14. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/171025-astronomy-ceter-in-todmorden/page__hl__%2Bbreak+%2Bin+%2Btodmorden Would be nice if they did get the gear back/ catch someone. This is the last thread I think, other than that no idea.
  15. Hi, Anyone had experience with this mount? Altair Sabre Alt-Azimuth, I plan to stick a Bresser 127/1200 achro on it and possibly a vixen A80 MF not always together but maybe. Is the lack of slow motion control a big deal? I hear not as the clutches are pretty smooth, I dont care about AP and dont often look beyond the solar system. Thx
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