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  1. cheers for the pics, much appreciated. mine has the dual axis motors added but not had a chance to try it out with the weather like it is. if i keep at it i'll probably invest in a goto in the near future.
  2. Hi all, brought my equipment a couple of weeks ago but not sure what 5 mount i have, i know its a 5 series but the chap i brought it off hadn't even used it or the scope. he swapped it for a gun as he wasn't able to sell that on line, and he had no idea on how to set the scope up. what is visually different between the 2 mounts?
  3. Hi, have the same scope, just wandering if the 31mm nagler was worth the money and does it get used much.
  4. Thanks, trying to find as much info as possible to help me on my way.
  5. Woza

    Hi All

    Thanks all for the welcoming posts
  6. Woza

    Hi All

    Hi james manged to get the whole lot for 400 was told it was brought last year, the cheapest i could find and adding the price of the motors was around 800 new, also came with a x-cell lx 9mm but don't think it works well in my scope, so going to sell it on, think i'm going to have a look into the bst explorers as these have been recommended by a few people, just looking at moon and fringe killers at the mo. hopefully i'll have some lenses and filters when the weather clears round B,ham.
  7. Hi steve, how did you get on with buying new lenses, looking to buy some for my skywatcher st f5 150 refractor, I brought it second hand and it came with the 2 basic 25mm & 10mm and also a 9mm X-cel LX which i'm not very impressed with, so looking to get some good quality lenses that are good for f5's, not having much look on searching the net for info. Some 1 mentioned bst explorers any 1 else tried these. They dont seem to exspensive but like your self I dont mind spending up to 100.
  8. I've been looking at the baader contrast booster or fringe killer but not to sure which one, they say these block out some of the light pollution and i have noticed a blueish haze, the one is also ok for a moon filter or is it best to get ones that do that pacific job. next question is do i go for the 2" to put in the diagonals or is it best to fit them to the lenses, I'll check out bst explores, thanks
  9. Woza

    Hi All

    Hi all, I'm looking forward to getting lots of info , got my self a skywatcher startravel 150 f5, EQ5 with motors, I think i got a good buy as it was 2nd hand but not sure as I've not seen any others for sale. I've been using a spotter scope to look at Saturn and the moon and was quite impressed with it. I'm always looking up when i have the chance so thought I'd take the plunge. Any info on what lenses or filters to use will be very help full, It only came with the give away lenses that you get with these scopes. cheers warren hope the Sky's clear soon
  10. Hi all, I'm very new to this hobby and also my first thread, took the plunge and got this as my first scope 2nd hand but only comes with basic lenses. Need help on which filters and lenses I need for this fast scope, don't mind spending the money on baader filters especialy to stop the haze but there are a couple of different types and not sure which 1 is best for my scope and have no idea what lenses are suitable. I'd be very pleased if some 1 could point me in the right direction. Is there any other upgrades i should be looking at to get the best out of this scope. Many thanks warren
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