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  1. Binoviewers gives tottaly new experience in astronomy observations of all objects, especially Planets, Moon and Sun. I use them 99% of my observing time, and this tells enough.
  2. Baader Zoom barlow attached to binobody, give 4.08x magnification, and image is great. I measure and test all that.
  3. Yes, WO bino limit is 20mm Clear Aperture, and this means it will allow you using eyepeices with max 20mm field stop, and this is when WO bino is in original condition, but it can be Supercharged to allow 24.5mm clear aperture, and using eyepeices with field stop max 24.5mm, which is big improvement.
  4. Thats great setup, especially binoviewer! Now you need only great Carl Zeiss Aspheric 25mm eyepeices from selected collection for ultimate performance
  5. Thank you Damo! What you think about this heads? https://www.astromarket.org/verrekijkers/accessories/fork-mount-for-large-binoculars and https://www.astromarket.org/verrekijkers/accessories/elle-binomount
  6. Hello to all! Please recommend me some mounts for 20x110 Marine Series binos, preferably lighter as it could be, because easier transport and handling. Thank you!
  7. My choose would be Pentax XW 30mm. It is much better than Nagler 31mm in all terms except FOV. On N31 bother me ring of fire, and very bad picture on daytime objects. XW have much cleaner image on daytime, and is a tad sharper on stars, lighter also...and waterproof. If I had to choose, XW is best eyepiece for that purpose.
  8. Recently, one guy form Germany sold ZAO II set without barlow, but with ZAO I 25mm ahich is actually much more expensive than Zeiss barlow which comes in ZAO II set, all for 2000 euros. Here is link.... http://forum.astronomie.de/phpapps/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/1145845/Zeiss_ABBE_Okularsatz_1,25&quo#Post1145845 Very good price!
  9. New binoviewer from USA coming soon....and sounds promising! More infos here http://youtu.be/XpYti9mRmHc http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/493884-denkmeier-at-neaf-a-revolution-is-coming/ http://www.cloudynights.com/topic/493905-denkmeier-deepview-7/ Cant wait to see what is word about exactly....
  10. Of course, two eyes are two eyes, MUCH better than looking with one,eye. Do simple test to see how much worth looking through two eyes: put one eye closed, and one opened to one minute or more, and observe one object at daytime, without any optics, and try to see as much details you can! After one minute or more, open second eye, and see HUGE difference ;-)
  11. Well, I had in same time Nagler 31mm and XW 30mm, and Nagler is VERY WARM in this comparation. I also put each of above in Powermate 4x to see difference, and here is already bigger difference. XW 30 showed more detailed picture of Jupiter with PM 4x, and of course, with coolee toned image than N31 + PM 4x. On daytime, Nagler 31 is very poor because many false colours, and very warm tone. BTW, I have very sharp eyes thanxs God :-) My favorite WA eyepieces are definetly XWs, which have even more neutral toned image, even cooler than Delos-I test them few times! One more big plus of XWs are wate
  12. Al, Delos epcs are much more comfortable than Naglers, and produce almost neutral toned images. It depends what you want, so if you preffer bigger FOV and warm toned images, Naglers are way to go. If you want more comfort due higher eye releaf and more neutral toned images, with little more details on DSOs and Planets, Delos are better. Delos also have spectacular big eye lenses.
  13. Paul, I am glad that you have same experience like mine. I spent many nights testing all premium eyepieces on binoviewers and alone (ZAO IIs, XWs, Pentax orthos, Zeiss monos, TMB and Siebert monos, Zeiss microscope premium orthos, Brandons), and find that premium magnifiers like premium barlows and/or Powermates produce best possible performance (sharpness, contrast.....). My two friends and I over here did many night testings, and all conclude same. Especially on binoviewers, this gives huge advantage, because you get more comfort than using very short focal lenghts orthos.
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