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  1. I'm a little worried about collimation. Can you get Bob's Knobs for these?
  2. That is one sweet deal. Just placed an order myself even though I am a dob user and have no use for the diagonal. Thought I'd sell it on and keep the ep. The diagonal currently sells for about £150 here in Sweden, so even if I only get half of that I pretty much get the eyepiece for free. Perhaps I should have ordered two sets...
  3. My father has just bought a summer house in south Portugal, near Portimão. This is of course an excellent opportunity for me to get some views of the souther skies. I have decided to eventually get a scope to keep there permanently. I could just order something and have it shipped there, but it would be nice if there was a local shop nearby. Does anybody know of a telescope shop in the area? Or would I have to go to Lisboa? And one more question: Is there a portuguese astronomy-related classifieds site that I can keep my eye on?
  4. I did not realise that. In that case I will certainly reconsider the offer. Thanks for letting me know! Cheers, /Henrik
  5. Yes, I am currently leaning toward that as well. Either that or jump on the offer from Opticron to customize the Imagic bins. It sounds like a great solution to the problem if it weren't for the fact that they will be pretty much impossible to sell if I want to move on later.
  6. Ok, thank you. This thread has been very educational. I actually looked through a pair of binos just the other day, at the local MediaMarkt store (huge department store for electronics, I don't know if you get them in the UK). I didn't bother to write down the make since they were much too small for my purposes. They were also much too expensive. But the interesting thing is that I was able to reach focus with them. And they weren't even maxed out. So it would appear that some binos do have the kind of range that allows adjusting for -7 diopters. @tetenterre: Thanks for the tip about Opticron
  7. Ok, so it would seem that some manufacturers/resellers do provide these numbers in their specs. It is a pity that more of them don't. I have not seen diopter numbers specified for any binoculars within my price range.
  8. Hi all. Like every one else, I am looking to buy a pair of decent 10x50 binoculars. I would prefer to be able to observe without my glasses but the problem is I am very near sighted. My current glasses are about -7 dioptres. I currently own a pair of older 8x40 Celestron binos. I can almost reach focus with them, but not quite. Since the eye relief is terrible I cannot really use them with my glasses either. Well, I can, but I only get about half of the available FOV. Sadly there aren't any decent optics stores near me. I will most likely have to order something. So, I have two questions: 1. I
  9. That is a great price indeed. Maybe a little too great. Sure it's not a hoax?
  10. That is very interesting. I may have to rethink my decision to get the 30mm since I am contemplating switching from my current f5 scope to an f4. That would give me 7.5mm which is probably too much. By the way, here is a quote from skyandtelescope.com (http://www.skyandtel...cs/3304201.html): So it may well be that Robin is one of the lucky ones.
  11. I have my eyes set on this one too. My scope is a 10" Meade Lightbridge so it is very similar to yours (f5). I think it should be good although I am a bit worried about the weight. It weighs almost exactly 1kg (over 2 lbs), which is more than twice the weight of my now heaviest EP. So you might want to be prepared for that. I know I will have to get more counter weights to balance the tube. Another possible issue is that the exit pupil will be 6mm, which is probably close to my maximum (I am 37 years old). But I really want something that will frame larger objects a little better than my ES 24
  12. I just came across this and it struck me that maybe some day we could see this type of nano-technology applied to optics. I for one live in a particularly humid spot and would gladly pay a lot more for eyepieces/finders/secondary mirrors etc. with dew-free optics. Do you think this will ever happen? http://www.scienceda...01113170001.htm
  13. Check out the Veil nebula in Cygnus. It will blow your mind if the conditions are right and the night is dark. It blew my mind when I first saw it with my UHC filter. Perhaps with an OIII it can be even better. Tonight you will have the moon to compete with, unfortunately, so the Veil may have to wait.
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