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  1. ah yes Cath This was sort of in v1.0 but I removed it because it was badly implemented. I need to produce a sine wave or something as a wav/mp3 beep so it can play a continuos tone. v1.0 had a quiet part in it so it beeped whilst the pitched changed, it was a tad nasty. I'll look into this and perhaps some lower level sound stuff to generate the sine direct to the audio hardware buffers. Cheers Richie.
  2. good idea ! I had planned on adding barlows and focal reducers. On the todo list now ! Cheers Richie.
  3. Hi Philip. The new version has ad removal in the settings section. Cheers & clear skies Richie.
  4. Cheers Ian for posting about Scope Help It is my first iOS app, and brings my love of astronomy together with that of development. As Ian mentioned, a new version was approved yesterday by Apple (v1.0.1) which includes a sidereal clock, polar alignment info and transit high/low times, eye piece calculation and a bunch of other helpful tools. It is available from here... http://http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/scope-help/id511732057 I have been talking to Bill over at project pluto and have made use of his rather complex code to calculate star positions. I started writing my own code to do the
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