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  1. I have been a "Razer" fan for a while just upgrading the kit I have now to the latest "chroma" specs... A bit naff I know but  so what :)


    1. Uranium235


      Surely a mouse is a mouse? As long as its comfortable, responsive and wired for zero lag.... or is that being too simplistic?....lol.. what can I say, I'm oldskool :D

    2. Psychobilly


      Which is why I went for the DeathAdder... 

  2. Mouse is Razer Deathadder...


    1. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      Thanks Peter.

  3. It's OK had all the mudflap brackets replaced with Galv ones and new calipers pads and discs all round...

  4. 7.1 Headset added today...


    1. faulksy


      nice one peter, at least you dont have to leave the house to have fun . hows the disco ?

    2. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      Very nice, decent sound is a big part of gaming. I have to ask if I may what mouse are you using I have looked and looked but cant make up my mind the R.A.T. 7 is looking favorite at the moment but its hard for me to try before I buy so always a gamble.

    3. SacRiker


      I have the Senheiser Game Zeros.

  5. DOOM - The FPS before people get too worried :evil::grin: 

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    2. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      Thanks for the info Peter 50 GB is far to much for me to download so might have to give it a miss, goes and cries in the corner....



    3. Earl




    4. Uranium235


      Im probably going to give it a miss for the same reason I did Fallout 4, I cant justify the pricetag! (yet)

      Just reading the Steam reviews and most agree that the SP mode is great, but the MP mode isnt nearly as good. Shame there isnt a co-op mode (though I could be wrong!). I prefer co-op because PvP gives me rage thesedays...lol.. Thats the reason why I skipped Battleborn, I was hoping for something like Borderlands - but its more like a 3d MOBA (ie: league of legends).

  6. Rediscovered FPS Gaming...

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    2. Psychobilly


      This Gaming lark can get expensive...

      Treated myself to a new keyboard...  RAZER BLACKWIDOW X CHROMA...

      Now have all the game keys individually colour mapped by function...

      GTX1080 Next ....


    3. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      Nice, my laptop has fully map-able colour keys it does come in handy and as you say it can get expensive although the wound from my right kidney removal is healing now.


    4. Psychobilly



      I better start selling some gear to pay for the next round of upgrades :)


  7. Hi Gina,

    Followign your request , I have temporarily hidden rather than removed your Ad for the 460 EX once you have the new one up I will remove the hidden one...


    1. Gina


      Thank you Peter :icon_biggrin:

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