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  1. Rediscovered FPS Gaming...

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    2. Uranium235


      Ohhh no Doom!

      How is the new version? Any good? I played the original to death, then caught up a few years later with Doom 3 - which I didnt quite like becuase you seemed to spend most of your time pointing your gun at the floor.

      Im still on Left4Dead 2, cheap as chips on Steam and loads of replay value. Theres nothing quite as fun as scything your way through a bunch of zombies with a chainsaw  :D (great co-op too).


    3. Psychobilly


      With the right kit it's awesome...

      Coping ok at 2560x1440 on my hex core  pc with triple GTX 760's and 64GB of ram... I can see a GTX 1080 in the future...

      Only doing the single player campaign at the moment...


    4. Alien 13

      Alien 13

      I might have to try Doom to see how my lappy performs.

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