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  1. OK ....Great ! Will try and get down sometime during friday all being well Just keep an eye out for the black 4x4 who doesnt know where to go Mind you ...its comfy. Mark
  2. Room for one more - an Astro Virgin ? Mark
  3. Just placed an order with FLO for an astro zap shield with dew controller, Celestron ep set & red/white led torch. Thanks again for all your help and advice guys. Mark
  4. Hi Guys , The cloud cover broke long enough last night to break out my new toy and embark on my first ever session with any scope. With the 6se set up nice and level , power tank all juiced up , gps energised we were ready to start the alignment process, picked out Polaris .... good eh ? dont worry that was the extent of my knowledge ..lol , slewed that puppy round to Altair and then the third alignment to Arcturus . I know them because the handset told me afterwards :oops: , but hey , at least now, I know three ! :hello1: It did take two attempts to complete the alignment only because the clouds rolled in , and I wasn't quick enough, but the thing worked ..... and believe me no-one was more suprised than me ! So what did we see ? Well we did a few 'tour' items just to get the feel, The Blinking nebula , the spiral , and some others which the names of fail me now , but we didnt care because the moon came up ! So I just gazed at this thing for an hour or so , in total amazement ( yeah I know newbies eh ? ) MAN ..... that puppy is bright through a scope , now I now why we have filters ! I didnt actually try and find any 'features' so to speak ( that will come later ) , I just kept looking and smiling. Swopped eye pieces just to see the difference between 10,20 & 35 mm ( the old knowledge train is leaving the station now eh ? ) Didn't do any planets ....want to savour them at a later date. Eventually packed up at 11.30 , didnt want to, but I would have been there all night otherwise and I had work in the morning So what did I learn ? I need to learn the scope and it's features better , finding the screws and knobs is alot easier in the daylight than it is the dark. My homemade red torch sucked, think I will get one of those headlamps aswell as a hand held one. I need to put some reflective tape on the tripod legs until I get a feel for where they are.....oops. The little eyepiece tray could do with a small red led illuminating it , was so worried about putting a small eyepiece in a hole too big ! Conversely, the red lamp on the gps is too bright and annoying ...black tape will sort that out. My eye needs training as it 'ached' somewhat after all that squinting. I managed to have a nice little birds nest of cable wrap My next viewing session will be in a nearby paddock away from the constraints of the garden. Questions now ..... :scratch: , The scope is fitted with a standard diagonal, is it worth investing in a self - erecting ( terminology ? ) one ? And before I start splashing out on more 1.25" eyepieces would moving to a 2" diagonal make viewing easier / more pleasant on the eye ? If so do I buy a 2" erecting diagonal or ....whatever ???? Loved my first 'limited' experience, but there is so much to learn and that is one big-*beep* sky out there. Totally Awsome ! Sorry for the long post by the way. Very best to all Mark ***EDIT: Forgot to say the the lense started to mist up towards the end ot the session so dew shield & heater are in order. The red-dot finder is abit 'cheap' but I guess everything is built to a price. Would the celestron green laser one or the Baader super sky be a decent improvement ? ****
  5. Evening all, Still haven't been able to use the newly acquired 6se yet due to the cloud cover .....might get a chance tonight by the looks of it ....fingers crossed ! I have however just ordered a couple of these : http://www.terralec.co.uk/full_flight_and_tour_cases/universal_flight_case_800_x_400_x_430mm/20945_p.html Need to keep it nice and safe ...the formed foam packing for the scope will fit in nice and snug in one with some space for other bits and bobs in the future & the tripod will fit in the other with space for my next scope pod ( ducking from the mrs now ) ...lol. Best to all Mark
  6. Hi Kelly, Is the switch a simple on / off 'jobby' or does it have to be continued to be turned ( dont force it ) to increase the brightness .....only know this because I had a heart murmer when I first tried mine ! If there are batteries in place, is there a 'protective plastic tag' in between the contacts that has to be removed first ? Mark
  7. Picked up a 5 month old Celestron Nexstar 6se with c16n gps module, 7ah Celestron power tank, and 10mm,20mm,25 eye-pieces for £400 :hello1: Thanks to Ian ( Star Flyer ) for the heads-up . Cloudy sky tonight so far but still a big smile here ! Cartmin
  8. Thanks Gary for your input , nice to know I'm on the right track . Thing , You read my mind , was on the lookout for that too Thanks Guys
  9. Thankyou for input guys .....much appreciated. More Help required please :oops: , After doing some further research on the Celestron Nexstar 6 SE ( it seems to 'fit the bill' and then some ) ....so before I take the plunge and order one, I was wondering what do I need in the way of accessories ? I realise that these will be built up as the need requires over the years but as a starting point I mean . Was thinking of the Celestron eye-piece & filter kit ? Would this give me the necessary options I might require at first ? Some form of Power Tank ( any recommendations ) or go for the Celestron one again ? What is the 'real life' differnce between a 7ah or 17ah ? Is the connecting lead included or another add-on ? A red light torch ( I've learnt that much already ) Would I need some form of dew prevention ( what type ) ? Cant seem to find a bespoke case for the 6se either ? is there one ? Anything else I have missed or is recommended ? ( Like the idea od the pirates patch by the way in the top 10 useful items ) Very Best to All Cartmin
  10. Thankyou all for such a warm welcome Cartmin
  11. Millionaires row is the 'riff raff' part ....lol small cottage on a lot of land with nothing else around for miles gives lots of space and clear skies ..... but we only rent it .... hence my budget of £300-£600 ish and not a 'hubble' ! Cartmin
  12. Thanks for your input guys .... checking out the scope now .... shame about the etx ...but I dont think it is the one for me now ....lol Southampton skies ? ...are you talking light polution here ? I live in Chilworth in the 'sticks' on a farm .....with no nearby lighting ...any better ? :-) Cartmin
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