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  1. My 8" dob sits up in the small spare bedroom that is kept fairly cool. It only takes 2 trips to get it outside (about 3-5 mins).
  2. Mine is the same - 2x on one side and some Russian looking lettering under a triangle 'thing' with an 'R' in a circle (registered copyright mark?) to the right. Got mine from FLO earlier this year and I'm very pleased with it.
  3. Having a book is all very well and good, but to all the people who use this method only, do you have a back-up copy in case of fire, flood, theft or accidentaly being eaten by the dog or thrown out with the rubbish? An electronic copy can be saved into various formats as things progress and change. Just because technology changes doesn't mean something is going to become obsolete. There is always a method of preserving data and converting to a new medium - I believe 'The Bible' is quite an old publication and that's still readable (apparently). Having said all that, the thought of having numerous volumes of old hand written sighting records to view in 50 years time is a lovely idea, just not with my handwriting!
  4. Managed to get out for about an hour last night, the first time without cloud cover in about three weeks! - It was the first time I'd used the scope since adjusting it's collimation for the first time and boy was I delighted with the results. Got some stunning, crystal clear views of Saturn through my 7mm eyepiece (it was always blury before) before some clouds rolled in around 23:30. Can't wait for the darker evenings though . . .
  5. Do you have any tracking info to see where it is, or if they have even sent it?
  6. Yay! - Signature option now appears on my menu
  7. Thanks for the heads-up Steve, have just downloaded and installed. All seems to be OK on my PC. Looks like they fixed a few bugs etc.
  8. Only 14 more posts to go before I can edit the signature I have already entered in a 'previous life'
  9. Maybe if I keep posting I'll be able to see it!
  10. No! - The option is not there - I have a menu that lists: email & password Ignore preferences Manage attachments Notification options My notifications There is no mention of signature
  11. I also can't see any option to edit signature . . .
  12. It is, but you do need the right conditions, sometimes if you keep watching it will suddenly be visible and just as quickly the conditions will change and it will disapear again! - It's a great sight seeing the division and the rings going behind and in front of the planet - A definite WOW moment. I get good views in my 12mm and 7mm Celestron X-Cel's. I tried the 7mm and 2x barlow but it was just too much magnification for the conditions.
  13. I actually had to go out shopping and speak to the wife whilst the forum was 'off-air'. Thank goodness all is back and working now! Have to agree with jonathan that the text is a bit small though . . .
  14. Just opening a jpeg and closing it (10 times) does not change it at all, no information will be lost. It's only upon saving that it gets compressed, and even then you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference after even 5 or 10 saves, as long as you use the highest quality setting. In which case I'd be shooting raw and either using 'non-destructive' editing (Lightroom or Capture One for instance) and if I still need a 'perfect' file I'd be saving as a TIF file personally (the ability to use diting layers), but a BMP would be as good (quality wise).
  15. I found getting a right-angled finder made life a lot easier in the back and neck, I can also remain seated whilst switching between this and the eyepiece. It looks like you found the problem with the finder losing it's adjustment so lets hope this makes things easier. Once aligned I have found mine seems to stay in perfect alignment, although I leave mine on the tube so it doesn't get knocked whilst taking it off and on.
  16. Just wondering why you want to do this? Is there a program you have that will only view or open bmp files?
  17. 'First Light' is a cut-down version of 'TheSkyX' http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/celestron-the-sky-x-first-light-edition.html Nexstar Observers list: http://www.nexstarsite.com/NSOL/NSOLScreenShots.htm Looks like a rebranded copy of 'SkyMap' to me and it looks like it can be used to control your scope??
  18. I've only had my 8" dob for a couple of months and have never adjusted it. I did a star de-focus test on the first night I used it and it looked spot on. When I go to use it, I carry it downstairs carefully and never bang it on the floor when setting it down and take care when placing it on the stand. I did a check last night and it still looks spot-on. I do have a cheshire and an old film canister cap with a hole in it and looking through the eyepiece it also looks good. If it ain't broke, dont fix it is my motto!
  19. As others have said, the one from FLO is a black finder with a white holder/bracket - Because of the size of the actual finder holder it is mainly white with just the front and rear of the actual finder being black. It matches my 200p perfectly IMO. Best thing i ever bought for mine - My back has thanked me numerous times!
  20. I've had it running on three 64bit Windows 7 boxes with no problem - Have you tried it in compatibility mode?
  21. I'd give up messin' around for the time being - Someone is trying to tell you something!
  22. There may be a 2" to 1.25" converter 'tube' that inserts into the focuser (If it's a 2" focuser), the 1.25" eyepiece fits into this. If using a barlow, this goes in first and the eyepiece fits into the end of the barlow. What scope is it?
  23. I personally find the 8" dob no problem to move around and setup (I keep mine stored in an upstairs spare room) - I haven't tried to carry a 10" but I bet it's quite a bit bigger and heavier, so bear this in mind when choosing.
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