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  1. 0.985. Lol. Hell of a difference one decimal place can make.
  2. Be interesting how it’s compared Optically with my “Svetlana” - Intes Micro 815 deluxe Maksutov Cassegrain 1/9.5 wave optics with a system Strehl of.0985
  3. I had a Mak 180 pro before this. Great scope but the Intes Annihilates it, unfortunately Intes ceased production last year.
  4. My Intes Micro 815 Deluxe Mak Cassegrain will easily beat a top shelf APO 6-inch refractor on resolution and light grasp and is more apochromatic than any of them. it has a system Strehl ratio of 0.985 - just a smidge short of optical perfection and 1/9.5 wave mirrors. The moon in this thing is absolutely awesome and ridiculous. It will outperform larger SCT’s on finer rendered detail - what is visible in the Intes will be blurs in larger commercial scopes of less optical quality. So aperture sometimes does not rule. Quality over quantity. Its alright getting the light into your scope it’
  5. Was 5500 from a much larger AVI picked out the best and Voila !! The larger in size Mb Fits/Tiff image produced has more data in it and I can push wavelet processing further without it breaking down.
  6. Stack of 5500 frames using Autostakkert 2. Wavelet processing done in Registax 6. Post tweaks/Processing in Affinity Photo on MacBook Air. Intes Micro 815 Deluxe f/15 Maksutov Cassegrain with 1/9.5 wave optics. Point Grey Blackfly Camera. Picked out some really fine/small detail here. The scope was properly cooled and thermally equalised under some steady early morning seeing. Not bad those Russians you know lol ?
  7. My amazing INTES 815D, with a system strehl ratio of 0.985. This is an incredible scope to look through. Scope of a lifetime for me. Im a very lucky boy as I don't think there will be many of these about.
  8. My Intes Micro 815D on my new AZ EQ6 And gorgeous Berlebach Planet Tripod. Thanks to Dr Simon Bennett at The Widescreen Centre.? got rid of my EQ8 ...too much of a handful. The Tripod is AWESOME....
  9. Stack of 5000 frames using Autostakkert 2, Wavelet processing in Registax 6. Final tweaking using Pixelmator on IPad Pro. Intes Micro 815D, with a Point Grey Blackfly Camera, on my EQ8 Mount.
  10. Updated piccys of my lovely “Svetlana”. Intes Micro 815 deluxe. 1/9.5 Optics and a System Strehl Of 0.985 ?
  11. There have been several discussions on Cloudy Nights forum where people have said the IM 815 is easily the equal of a top quality 6 inch APO Refractor ? you might have 1.25 inches more aperture, but due to a 35% central obstruction I willl beat you on contrast for a start - and the surface accuracy of finer figured mirrors will also make a difference- have a look around on Cloudy nights ? ‘Anyway it’s not a bun slinging contest
  12. Nice images. The C9.25 is probably the sweet spot in the Celestron range. However if you really want to push things optically the Intes will outperform commercial SCT’S 3 to 4 inches larger. The image might not be as bright but it will show more finely rendered detail. It’s ok getting light into your scope, it’s how the scopes Optics “massage it” when it’s in there. Quality over quantity wins every time. My IM has 1/9.5 nearly 10th wave Optics and an awesome system Strehl Ratio Of 0.985. The central obstruction is only 25%.
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