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  1. Ladies /Gentlemen Thank you all for your observations. Sounds like a good idea to keep the original TAL finder scope and maybe supplement it with something else - possibly fixed to another tube ring. I will certainly keep hold of the original finder. May even consider a green laser pointer in this respect ?? Astro Baby - you mentioned that you find the cross hairs a little bit faint. This has been a problem for me too. Do you know if there is a way to make cross hairs more vivid/pronounced ? Thanks All. Lumpnuts.
  2. Hello All At last I have found the time to take my TAL 2 to a local astronomy group night. It was really helpful to talk to somebody who was more experienced than me in using telescopes and could explain things 'hands on'. I learnt lots and will be going again. One thing that was pointed out to me was that a number of more modern telescopes are set up with right angled finder scopes. With this type of setup, the process of looking through the finder scope and then through the telescope eyepiece is greatly simplified as the amount of body movement required is a lot less. So here is my question. Is it possible to get an adaptor/device to allow me to convert the standard TAL 8X finderscope into a right angled finder, or would I have to replace it altogether ? I am loathe to get rid of it as it seems reasonably good quality. As ever, any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Lumpnuts
  3. Gentlemen Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately finance is probably my biggest problem right now - I haven't finished coughing since opening the Berlebach website ! I hadn't given a thought as to how the telescope tube was going to attach to a tripod - I had assumed it was just going to lift off and fit straight onto a tripod - as if by magic. Having looked at it a little closer I can see that this isn't going to happen. It looks as though a modified surveyors tripod might be a possible way forward. - Andy I am assuming the MT-2C Mount you refer to is the 'black bit' which fits ontop of the steel post. I guess I lift this off complete with counter balance/motor etc to transplant into a tripod 'cup'. And so begins my search for a surveyors tripod. If any of you stumble across one please give me a shout. Andy if your drawings are easy to find I would be interested in seeing them. Thanks Lumpnuts
  4. Hello All I have had my TAL 2 for a few months and have now started to fiddle around with it. I still haven't got a scooby how to use it properly, and I am only now starting to realise how much the weather impacts on this hobby - It has been dire of late. One thing I have established beyond doubt is that the pillar for the TAL2 weighs more than my Missus and it is definitely something I do not want to keep lugging about (the pillar that is). I would like to keep it in the garden (again the pillar) and would like to get hold of a portable tripod so I can take the telescope somewhere where it is a bit darker. Ideally I want something i can throw in the boot of a car. I suspect I could make a tripod, but I don't seem to have any spare time and am guessing that it could end up as expensive as buying one. Does anyone know where I might get hold of a used/second hand tripod that will accommodate a TAL 2M - I don't mind if it is a bit tatty. Any pointers greatfully received. LUMPNUTS.
  5. jason,nicnac,sloz1664,moriniboy Thank you all for your comments. I hope to speak to you guys in the not too distant future - in the meantime I will try to absorb some of Andy H's wisdom. Going to try and get an early night tonight. I am told that Saturn puts in an early appearance tommorow morning - and guess what - I am just itching to give this baby a go. Lumpnuts
  6. Hello all TAL 2 users I recently bought myself a second hand telescope and joined the 'TAL 2 Club'. Having very little (no) experience of astronomy, I hope it is something I can learn to use over coming years. I pointed it at Jupiter last week and was able to see four of its moons - fantastic. What I am hoping is that some of the more experienced users may be able to direct me towards some useful guide or reference articles to help me get started with the TAL. I have posted some photographs in my gallery so you can see the model I have bought. The hardest thing so far has been to make some space in the garage to get the thing into. It certainly is bigger than it looked in the ad picture ! Hope to be speaking to some of you soon. Lumpnuts
  7. Hello The forthcoming Star Party at High Kelling - Is this something I could just turn up to (without bringing a telescope) ? I have phoned the campsite but it is fully booked up. However I would be very interested in driving up to see what is involved with a star party. Would this be allowable ? Thanks Lumpnuts
  8. Hi gurneyfan67. Thank you for getting in touch. It is reassuring to know that there is an answer to my problem. This is the first time I have used a forum site - I have been overwhelmed with the help that people have offered. Its been a really good experience. Thanks.
  9. Andy Now this probably is a silly question. How do I send a personal message to heathenwoods ? I'm not familiar with this site and am not sure where I find this facility. Thanks Lumpnuts
  10. Andy I have clicked the link. Yes that looks like my focuser. Thank you so much for your advice - I have just whipped the mirror cell of the end of the telescope and see what you mean about the inside of the tube being reamed out - I certainly won't be cutting the end of the tube off ! I will send heathenwoods a message and let you know how I get on. Thank you. Lumpnuts
  11. Wow - Thank you all for such a response - This forum is great ! The picture that AndyH has posted is similar to my focuser but not the same . The inner part (that travels up and down) is made of bright metal - possibly aluminium. There is no locking screw or device to hold the eyepieces in place - the eyepiece just drops into the focuser. There is a small small split in the top of the focusser which forms something akin to a spring. I think the eyepiece is supposed to be pinched by this spring action, but it is all a bit loose - Thanks Andy the suggestion of using pvc electrical tape looks as though it will fix this. The problem with the focusing appears to be that the eyepieces need to travel nearer to the telescope tube (not further away), and there is insufficient travel to make this happen. I hadn't thought about cutting the end of the telescope tube off, - but a friend of mine is good with metal and I could probably get this done, although I think I would prefer to try some longer screws first before I do something to the telecope that is irreversible. Andy - do you have any idea how long the screws would need to be. If anybody has got any spares or know where to look for them I would be really grateful. Thank you all for this - this is my first telescope and also my first forum experience. You guys are superb !
  12. Hello everybody. I'm new to this (both stargazing and forums) and would really be grateful for some help. I have bought a second hand Tal 1 telescope. It is my first telescope - It is an older telescope - 1994 and is slightly grey in colour (rather than white). Unfortunately it didn't come with any eyepieces. The seller told me that these would be very easy to get hold of. Being a complete novice, I went out and bought a couple of Revelation 1.25" plossl eyepieces (12mm and 15mm). I was so excited when I fitted the eyepieces and tried to use the telescope for the first time. Unfortunately the eyepieces do not bring the telescope into focus (they also feel slightly loose). I have now 'Googled' this to try and find an answer. It appears that others have experienced this problem. I am now feeling slightly foolish for not doing a bit more 'homework' before I bought the telescope. Is it possible to buy a conversion kit to either change the focuser or somehow reposition the mirror in the tube - or have I bought a complete load of rubbish ? I am so disappointed - any help /advice you can give me would be most welcome. Thanks Lumpnuts
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