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  1. Buy her a nice new DOB. Great views, nice and easy to use and not too expensive. I also love my Celestron Nexstar 4 SE which takes you like magic to whatever you want to look at and either the 130p heritage DOB or the Nexstar are not too heavy for her to carry downstairs on her own. Any scope kept upstairs has to be easily portable. I have to trek mine up and down steps to the garden myself. My 150p DOB is great but I wouldn't want to cart it from a bedroom upstairs. If it's too much because you've already spent the budget, birthday!!
  2. My skyliner 150p was delivered and has never needed collimation once so you can probably hang onto your extra pennies for a bit. I also still have the stock finder on it. You don't even need to buy more eyepiece s to start with either
  3. Sounds to me like a small claims court form is in order. It's not a 'magazine' it's a model and by not supplying all the parts it is not fit for purpose. I think you'd either win or get your missing parts quick. Only costs around 30quid to put a claim in. No solicitor needed.
  4. Thanks all. I am going for the USB 3 version of the 120. On reflection I think that's the best option. Steve, thank you also for your input - I did consider it, yes I do own a DSLR but I'm not lending it to him. I always wanted one and finally got one and am not coughing it up. If the 120 breaks after a drop to the concret it will be a lot cheaper....Call me Mrs Meanie
  5. Well Wim thanks to you I went back to the zwo forum and did some power browsing - you are totally right. Updating this out of interest for anyone making similar decision this Xmas. The 120 USB2 will not work on USB3 ports, plus some 120 USB2s have bricked operating systems. Not good. Although our laptops have both 3 and 2 on it puts a question mark over the firmware. Possibly the Zwo's are worth avoiding for peace of mind, but not sure what other models to look at. The Celestron Burst is nearly 100 quid more so that ship won't sail lol
  6. Cheers Wim, I certainly dont want to buy something that will drive me insane or that will just get thrown in a box due to incompatibility issues! I had a look around the Zwo forum but my life is too short to do really intensive research in an area I'm not super interested in.... so maybe I would be better off paying more for the USb 3...though at £170 it's a lot of money if he doesn't actually use it Thanks Knobby - if it can run on a phone it could definitely work on old laptops. Dave - thanks but specifics rather than generlaties are what I'm after, Christmas is coming if I'm going
  7. Hi Knobby, I'd never heard of Team Viewer till your post, just had a quick squizz at it and it looks really interesting. Both our laptops are a couple of years old, are they man enough for that kind of activity? ( think the laptops will die under any image processing but I refuse to cross a bridge till I come to it!)
  8. We have a 150 Skyliner and I recently bought a Heritage-130p Flextube just for myself. The reason being I have a narrow back hall, then back garden steps to navigate and although the 150 isn't too heavy, it is awkward and I need my OH to help me take it out. The Flextube I can pick up unaided as it is so neat and light and I prefer that independence. Now I know you are looking at something a lot bigger, but these are the factors you need to consider. If it's going in an observatory/garage or a quick flat wheel outside then a fixed tube is great. If it's not straightforward access, build y
  9. We have a Nexstar 4 SE (and 2 DOBS) and my other half would like an imaging camera for Christmas to use with the 4 SE. I'm not sure how much use it will get because I think that having to drag a laptop out will turn out to be a pain in the rear, and of course the primary use will be planetary. I think he'd like to do a few DSOs that we can view through the scope, not sure how successful it will be so planetary results is main concern. I now suffer from a cold related health issue so he is also interested in being able to stream what he's looking at to my laptop while I am inside in the warm.
  10. I think most programs are dumbed down these days for the modern age, where folk have the attention span of a gnat. Not just programs either. I remember going to museums and reading the notes provided and being intellectually educated. Nowadays it's a short child centred paragraph that will teach you nothing.
  11. I loved Maggie, she was far better than I thought she would be. I thought she would be a bit too straight laced. She's a great pick for presenter. She came across as a passionate eccentric, even to her hair lol, really in the vein of SPM which I did NOT expect. In fact she really came across to me as feeling 'honoured' to be presenting which seems an odd thing to say but that was the impression I got. I know what you mean, she was kind of playing the enthusiastic amateur, but I kind of felt it was her roots. My god she needs to fix her hair though, bless her. You can get away with the odd outf
  12. I have both. I like 'em both. But I mostly want to spend my time observing, not hunting. I'm time poor. From what you've written it's clear what your preference is, so go with it
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