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  1. an eyepiece to shoe exchange rate - genius idea ... i'm off to count the contents of my OH's shoe cupboard
  2. it is difficult to look through a telescope and take in the scale of it all. Always makes me feel very small and insignificant. We are just tiny cogs and all that....
  3. Hi & Welcome - have you tried Stellarium? http://www.stellarium.org/ . Its free, runs on most computers and is an excellent resource for learning to navigate around the sky.
  4. Hi Jon - SGL is full of useful advice - and everyone is very friendly and helpful - enjoy your new scope!
  5. Its a shame the manufacturers put the setting circle on there - the manual that came with the EQ1 mounted scope I've borrowed even devotes a page or so on how to use the circles - even though there is virtually no chance that they would help you find anything... imho a basic guide to star hopping would have been much more useful.
  6. Just wanted to say that so far I've been stunned by how useful a resource SGL is and how helpful, and tolerant of newbie questions everyone is - I can't think of any other internet forum that I've ever used which is so welcoming. Thankyou all.
  7. Hi & welcome - I'm pretty new to all this as well and have been using a borrowed scope while I work out what kit to buy. You'll find SGL is full of friendly and helpful people who'll be more than happy to give advice and answer questions.
  8. wow - thats fantastic. I had my first go at trying to get it a couple of nights ago - really hard to track in the finder - I've just about got the upsidedown left-to-right thing mastered for star hopping, but its a whole different ballgame when the target is moving at speed - Im guessing that it takes a bit of practice before you can get enough frames to process.
  9. hmm.... removing the top of a mountain to make a base for it..... sounds like a bit more work than the average dig-hole-fill-drainpipe-with-concrete pier
  10. The ID no. / database idea is a great one. Relatively straight forward to build from a technical perspective (I develop web software), and great to know the history of a piece of kit before you buy - but I guess it would rely on there being an appetite for it and people going to the effort of registering the kit - interested to know what other people think
  11. Hi - welcome - you'll find a bunch of extremely helpful people on SGL - its a great forum
  12. Thanks so much for the advice everyone - what I saw sounds most like the eyepiece halo effect umadog mentioned - and the finder was definitely also getting more difficult to use. I hadn't been swapping eyepieces much - in future I'll be sure to cap them in between viewings, and I'm going to look into making a mini-dewshield for the finder. Once it happened I basically had to give up for the night - so with clear nights so rare in the UK, keeping the dew at bay is going to be key to making the most of the limited opportunities. Also I have to admit to a bit of confusion around dew heaters - seems everyone goes to such efforts to cool scopes down before viewing that introducing some heat into the equation must have some negative effects. I'm beginning to realise that this astronomy lark is full of compromises and balancing of competing bits of physics!! Thanks guys.
  13. Last night I noticed a fairly sudden deterioration in what I could see though my scope (reflector) - I was looking at albireo and over the space of a few minutes it went from being fairly clear to having a definite double misty halo - visually the sky still looked clear so I don't think it was high level cloud / mist. So my newbie questions are.... - Is that what you would typically expect to see if the secondary or primary had dew'ed (if thats the word) ? - If so, whats the best thing to do when it happens? and whats the best way of preventing it in the first place? - If not - what other causes could there be? Ta Jim
  14. Enjoy your new scope - I'll be looking upwards from Reading tonight as well. A couple I've been using - sometimes they even agree with each other !! http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twoforecasts/forspecialist.aspx?postcode=reading&selected=4 http://www.meteoblue.com/en_US/weather/forecast/tab/reading_gb_23053/b/6
  15. Hadn't realised that Hubble was crossing the sun at the same time as Venus. This chap in Australia caught it. http://legault.perso.sfr.fr/venus_hst_transit.html
  16. Jupiter was the first thing I saw when I first started peering through a telescope earlier this year - Am really looking forward to its return. +1 for Stellarium .. once you start looking for other objects in the sky its massively useful to be able to print out a map of the stars around the object you are looking for and use it to star hop your way to it.
  17. Jim-a

    Hello greetings

    welcome along - SGL is an amazing resource - so much knowledge here and so many people happy to share it - I've learned loads in the few months that I've been visiting
  18. try http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php for second hand equipment
  19. Some awesome pics taken by Don Pettit on board the ISS http://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa_jsc_photo/sets/72157629726792248/with/7257867240/
  20. thats a great pic - I always feel the need to wave when I see the ISS go over Interested to know what your technique / method for capturing it is.
  21. Hi Owen - you'll find everyone on here is very helpful - so just ask away when you have questions.
  22. interesting point about cloud reflecting light and reducing LP for the clear patches... hadn't thought about that before - guess the lower the cloud, the better?
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