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  2. I ended up not using the polar scope. It's much to hard to align and the CGEM polar alignment assistance works much better.
  3. Last night I finally found a solution for cheap webcams at least. On the mac store I found "Webcam settings" for $8. It works with most Logitech cameras. Went to Radio Shack and picked up a "Logitech HD c270" camera ($21, 1280x720, 30fps max) and the app worked fine. I was able to change the gain and exposure time (which changed the framerate) in-camera just fine. So along with software "Debut" ($40, it can also do screen capture) for capture it seems like a complete solution. Building the camera now (was using my DSL camera in video mode previously) Tried "Webcam settings" with an old GE web
  4. You can get the view and the reticle to be in focus at the same time. The scope has 3 parts threaded together: the eyepiece lens is on one end, and threads into the middle tube that contains the reticle, which in turn is threaded into a longer barrel that has the objective on the other end. Turn the eyepiece to get the reticle in focus. Don't worry about the view when doing this; it will be blurry. When you have the reticle in focus, loosen the retaining ring that prevents the objective barrel from threading /turning any closer to the front. Thread the ring so it's all the way to the back so
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