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  1. Veerrrry niiiice, not jealous at all, im curious how much does it weigh?
  2. Haha apologies for the poor phone camera photo's, im curious what sort of mods are you doing on yours?
  3. Very excited the scope in title arrived today, pics attached are of assembly but as is typical the weather currently is atrocious Was very easy to assemble and it is indeed a heavy beast and the design is very solid, scope moves around very smoothly the tools supplied to build it with are a bit flimsy and I ended using my own. Can't wait for first light!
  4. Do you have any local astronomy clubs nearby, they might be able to suggest some appropiate dark sites.
  5. Thank you all for the responses! Much as I would love the orion dob it's not too pratical at the moment, Are they a good brand though to consider for future telescopes? I've decided ill get the skywatcher, Can anyone suggest good accessories to the scope? already ordered the light shroud, and have the 7mm and 12mm celestron X-Cel LX EP's but no decent DSO EP can any be recommended? or any other accesories that would be a nice addition to the scope?
  6. Seems to be favouring the skywatcher and I hadn't heard of the Orion brand before now but looking at it would be out of my price range a little bit. Thanks for the advice though!
  7. Hiya folks, I was originally intending to get a 12in meade lightbridge dob, but the site I ordered it from fell through and Im reading more into other dobs, mostly the skywater skyliner 300p flextube. Which one would you consider better and why? Looking for a 12in for sure and doesn't need to be goto and transportation isn't too big an issue as long as its compacts down to something Any advice you could give I would be grateful! Ryall
  8. Ryall

    Hello There!

    I went for a 12" meade lightbridge dobsonian only came this week and haven't had a chance to haul it out yet. Haven't found a brilliant dark site yet either, been trekking out into the peak district looking for a decent spot, whilst the skies out there a lovely and dark each trip ive made the conditions haven't lasted long enough for decent sky time. Have found a local astronomy club though and meeting them this week. But I doubt ill find conditions as good as Mauna Kea
  9. Ryall

    Hello There!

    Hiya folks! Name is Ryall and I'm relatively new to the hobby. I actually got my first scope a long time ago a celestron 130 goto scope which I still have to this day but I didn't dedicate enough time passtime, too young perhaps This Christmas gone though I was extremely lucky enough to have a trip to Hawai'i and more specifically the observatories based on the top of Mauna Kea and actually got to do some star gazing with a tour group at around 9000 ft and the views were incredible. needless to say i was hooked again and ever since Ive been going out as often as I can and recently splashed out on a new scope and found this lovely forum! Pleasure to meet you all!
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