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  1. Wow, these are really nice, well done!
  2. Well done, and for getting up early! I'm patiently waiting for Saturn to be visible in evenings heheh
  3. It looks very nice to me! That moon looks a bit like a marble, lovely
  4. Wow, an amazing animation! You're exceeding yourself, a very big well done!
  5. I really like your animations! You're really good!! Well done, keep up the good work
  6. Thank you Luke! Sorry for my mistakes tho! It's a learning curve isn't it... Hehe Thanks again
  7. I must say, I was a bit disappointed... Before the 'big announcement', being told it would be 'ground breaking' and be 'one for history books' I was really hoping for something bigger, like they found bacterial life on Mars. That they 'only' found organic materials (same as on Mercury... just same material composition, which I kind of expect, coming from the same planetary/nebula system) makes me so sad... Nothing groundbreaking in my point of view... maybe I was expecting too much... Sorry!
  8. Hi all, Maybe a silly question and I was not sure in which section to post it but... Would you know if there is such a thing as all 4 moons of Jupiter aligned? Like, I know we can have 3 shadows at once on the Jupe, only 3 moons' transits showing at once at maximum, but is there a possibility when these 3 would be showing for example, and Callisto the 4th moon (which I know cannot cast any shadow on the Jupe) be near enough to be picked up by a webcam at 2X barlow in the same field of view? I had a few good looks at the Sky & Telescope Jupiter's Moon interactive tool (very good, BTW) but I cannot 'plan' such an event, if it possible at all? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  9. Oh.My.God! Unbelievable. Loving the Ganymede.
  10. That is fantastic, well done! Oh I want a bigger scope!!!!!
  11. Wow your Jupiter alone is amazing, but with the 2 moons and their details, it's even eerier (more eerie, if eerier is an English word!!) Seriously good image here, well done!!!! :icon_salut:
  12. If that is not the best you've ever done, please can you point me to the best, I think I seriously want to see it! I mean, come on, this is really amazing!!! The amount of details on EACH frame of the anim is staggering! Please be proud of yourself because this is seriously good! Well done, you're a star!!! (No pun intended!)
  13. This is a nice one, very detailed and sharp. I like it, well done.
  14. These are exactly the kind of images that make me want a bigger scope. Superb details, but still smooth, in one word, perfect! I'm very jealous :grin: :grin:
  15. Looking very good despite the bouncing! A nice shot!
  16. Fantastic image, lovely Ganymede, well done!
  17. Nice ones! Particularly like the second one, with the GRS and 4 moons!
  18. Gorgeous, and I really like the details on the moons! Beautiful shot!
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