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  1. Thanks for that Billy, just caught it, beautiful.
  2. Thanks very much for your lovely long post Steve. Very much appreciated. I ll see how it goes over the next two or three weeks and go from there. Fingers crossed i can keep it, only used it half a dozen times:(
  3. Thanks Ron and Ben. I appreciate your advice. Ive sold my camera and lenses to buy a van. My old mum has paid for an ad with Checkatrade and ive had a couple of days work subcontracting to a local shop so far. Hopefully it wont come to having to sell it but if money gets tight, im afraid it'll have to go.
  4. Thanks Jakey, some good info. atb, steve
  5. Hello everybody. Due to my recent redundancy and the need to go self employed in my trade as a floorlayer, i think i might need to sell my stuff. Im just gauging interest in it at the moment, but ive got a 7 month old Meade LX200R 10". What do you think i would get for it in the present climate? thanks for your input in advance, steve
  6. Ive got to post this as im so pleased!! Ive just got my second replacement Autostar from Steve @ BC&F. I sent the faulty one Thursday afternoon and received a brand new one this morning, less than two days!!! The previous one went back via Warehouse express and took six weeks !!!! Cloudy nights, here we come.............
  7. My eyes show a definate different colour cast from each other. One is "bluer" than the other
  8. I think the warranty runs out in August so im ok for a few more months. Fingers crossed
  9. Mine went the same way a couple of months ago. According to Warehouse express, who have taken a month and a half to get it fixed via TH, i should be getting it back on Monday. Wonder how long it will last this time
  10. That sounds familiar. My went the same way. Ive returned it to whence it came about a month ago and im still waiting for it :x
  11. That reminds me. When did subscribers get their last issue? I dont seem to have had one for months
  12. I find tights are great. But thats probably a story for another time on a different forum :whip2: :oops:
  13. I shall be bringing a can of spray cream for the mince pies if thats ok? :mrgreen:
  14. Not meaning to hijack the thread but............... If i knew then what i know now. I bought a combined shield/heater for my lx200. It works beautifully and i havent even seen a drop of condensation on the front element. The trouble is i would like some kind of counterbalance system to offset my dslr but it seems they all need to be mounted to the ota using the screws around the front and back of the scope and you cant cut the shield away at these points as it would mean cutting through the element . Any one come across this too?
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