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  1. Hi all, quick question. With all the light pollution where I live (Chester) will flocking my scope make any differece? And also do light pollution filters make any difference? Ideally i want to use the scope from my garden but im in the middle of a housing estate!
  2. Nice pic, thinking of trying astrophotography and images like this certainly give me motivation!
  3. Thats bad news, some real scumbags out there. Hope everything gets found soon, can't be easy to get rid of such specialist kit without someone on here spotting it.
  4. Hi all, this might sound like a silly question but if i put the scope out in the garden to cool and don't notice the rain starting (the weather cant make up its mind round here at the moment!) will it cause any damage? Its a skywatcher 200p eq5, no electrics.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome and good advice, big help!
  6. Thanks richbuyer, i'll give it a go, fingers crossed!
  7. Hi all, Im a total novice from chester and really enjoying the hobby so far. Ive seen saturn, mars and venus but am having trouble finding things like clusters and galaxys with a skywatcher 200p on eq5 mount, maybe im expecting too much but any advice would be great. Also does anyone know a good dark site not to far from chester? Thanks
  8. Phil-lost!

    Hi Newbi Here

    Hi jeremy, Ive also just bought a 200p on eq5 but being a total novice cant seem to find anything past the planets. Fingers crossed i get better at finding stuff!
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