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  1. Thanks Jules, I think dso's are going to be my main target in the future so 2" might be the way to go.
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my standard ep's but there seems an awful lot to consider, can anyone tell me what advantages 2" eyepieces have (if any)? I understand the standard ep's are pretty rubbish but how much of an improvement can I expect? Thanks in advance. Phil.
  3. I wish they were doing that here in the north west!
  4. No its the explorer 200p, but to be honest i think i should have bought the skyliner, i found the eq mount confusing to start off, took me a while to get to grips with it! Ive never heard of transparency before, good to know, thanks.
  5. Its a standard skywatcher 200p with standard lenses.
  6. After much searching i recently found my first dso, m13 which looked like a small smudge, then the next night i looked again and it looked like a small smudge with sparkles in it! Is this "good seeing"? Also i only have the standard lenses so i was wondering what differences I'll see if i upgrade, do things become clearer? Any help would be great because i dont know whether to get a telrad (im having real trouble with the mirror image in the finder) or upgrade my lenses.
  7. Yep it really is a great feeling, just a shame i have to wait until 10.30pm for it to get dark enough at the moment, my boss is wondering why im walking around work like a zombie!!
  8. Bagged my first messier last night (m13), looked like a small smudge but i still found it amazing. Thanks to everyone who gave me ( or someone else whose thread i read) advice, this forum is better than any book. Im sure i'll find lots more now i know what im looking for! Thanks again
  9. I think you should have a look at the scopes first, i went to the opticstar showroom in sale near altrincham before buying mine, took the missus as well so she new how much space in the house would be lost!
  10. Saturn for me. Most amazing thing without the scope was watching a meteor break up across the sky in front of my car, arguing with the missus who said it was a firework, then seeing it on the news later on that evening! Argue with that, ha!
  11. Im starting to see that, never mind eh, fingers crossed for next time.
  12. Set up scope, leave to cool for half an hour, plan some things to look for, quick look at saturn first, CLOUDS OVER INSTANTLY! This astronomy lark is more frustrating than golf!!!
  13. Hi ty, you came to the right place for advice (though it sounds like you have a good idea what your doing anyway:)) Very very jealous of your dark skies, everything's orange down the road in chester!
  14. Dont say it out loud but its looking clear tonight!!!!
  15. Hi alex, im a noob from chester, you came to the right place here lots of really good advice.
  16. Hi phil and welcome from another cheshire novice.
  17. Pics of Chester also excellent!
  18. I put a thread in the heads up section but its probably better off here. I recently found out that tesco let you swap your clubcard points for double there worth in jessops vouchers! No decent scope stuff but i used £30 worth of tesco points to get a set of £60 nikon bins (reduced from £140!) Not bad I thought.
  19. Hi daz, really like your photo's. i drive over that bridge most days and have never seen it looking so good, likewise the power station!
  20. I recently found out my tesco clubcard points are worth double at jessops if you swap them for jessops vouchers! I just went on the clubcard site, entered the amount to swap and got a set of nikon bins for £30 worth of vouchers, should have been £60 reduced from £140! Talk about something for nothing! Just a shame all the astro stuff at jessops is rubbish.
  21. I had the same problem with the finder wobbling every time i touched it but a small amount of insulation tape to thicken the tube seems to have worked wonders, though i haven't tried it yet with all this cloud.
  22. Opticstar for me too, got my skywatcher 200p eq5 from them and they we're really helpfull, showed me the eq5 mount and how it works which was great for a novice like me.
  23. Thanks all, I think i'll do it. If nothing else it will give me something to do until this rubish weather clears!
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