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  1. Glad i bought it from F L O now, I actually found it cheaper from a different supplier but i've read very good reviews about F L O so went with them. I'll see what they say tomorrow.
  2. Hi all, has anyone had any problems with the skywatcher red dot finder? I bought a startravel 102 for my dads birthday and the finder has stopped working after only a few days, changed batteries but no joy. Im going to ring F L O tomorrow but wondered if its a common fault?
  3. Great guide, just what i was looking for.
  4. I was in the same boat as you, 8inch scope and not able to find anything and the book turn left at orion really helped me. my first dso was m13 and once i new what to expect everything seemed a lot easier!
  5. Very nice, I had no idea they came that far south! A friend of mine thinks we should go to northern scotland this winter to try and see the aurora but i said its a waste of time, guess i was totally wrong!
  6. Just got back from 2 weeks in El Gastor and I have never seen a sky like it (never seen the milky way clearly before), now I know what I'm missing! I saw more with my 10x40 bins than I've ever seen with my scope at home, don't know what I was looking at but there were fuzzies everywhere. Now I'm even more depressed about being back in cloudy Chester!! Oh well, best book for next year now so I've got something to look forward too, shame my scope wont fit in my suitcase though.
  7. m13 is great, its easy to find and gives you a good idea of what dso's look like. ( I lost my dso virginity to it so it will hold a special place in my heart forever )
  8. Hi and welcome, as a beginer myself i like sky at night magazine ( although i buy astronomy now as well)
  9. Hi andy and welcome from another cestrian.
  10. Name and shame! I think telling you two different restocking fee's shows there just making things up, not store policy.
  11. Phil-lost!


    Hi and welcome, good to hear your story, glad it all turned out good in the end. Your so lucky to have dartmore on your doorstep!
  12. Might have to nip over into wales, I live in an orange zone.
  13. Thanks all, lots for me to think about before parting with any cash.
  14. I was thinking a 32mm and a 15mm to go with the standards but i still havn't made my mind up. Im leaning towards dso's as my main targets, we'll see eh!
  15. When i bought the scope the salesman told me the ep's don't do the scope justice, but not to rush into buying anything straight away and have fun finding my way around the sky for a while. I've also read a few posts saying the same thing so although im impressed with what im seeing ( when its clear!) i cant help feeling like im missing out. Like i said i'm in no hurry but want to get the best (subject to cost) i can out of the scope.
  16. yes I've noticed the BST's get good reviews so thats what i was thinking of getting. Trouble is every ep review seems to say positive things so its hard to tell which is best.
  17. I really like the new software, had some trouble signing in but now thats sorted all seems good.
  18. I dont want to rush into buying anything right now but I'd like to upgrade my ep's before the nights start getting longer. Can anyone recommend a couple of low cost (£30 - £40) ep's and tell me what difference i will see, I understand the standard ep's ive got are low quality but never having used good ones Im not sure what to expect. Ive got a skywatcher explorer 200p f5 if that helps.
  19. Phil-lost!


    Hi jordan, you came to the right place, i've learned more from this forum than any of the books i read.
  20. Phil-lost!

    Hello :)

    Hi lisa and welcome, everyone's really helpful on this forum, you'll learn a lot. I have the same scope and had a similar problem, turned out there's a locking nut under the focuser and if its not undone the focus wheels still turn but the actual focuser doesn't, could that be the problem?
  21. Thanks John, I'll have a look at those.
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