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  1. Dont know where the gradients came from, oh well always next time, this is the start of a big learning curve!
  2. wow, they look a lot better on my laptop than on here!
  3. I upgraded my kit early last year and then with one thing or another never got around to actually using it much, so hopefully this year will be different! Took some images with my dslr on the mount last week, any advice welcome.
  4. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html
  5. No relation, just found it on YouTube.
  6. Elliot Opening his new Telescope:
  7. Stunning image, cant stop coming back for another look.
  8. Hi and welcome from just down the road.
  9. Hi and welcome from another cestrian.
  10. I saw it too! Driving to work in chester this morning, very bright indeed, came straight down from overhead, great to see
  11. just moved here mate, loving the darker sky. I can see things with the bins i could barely see with the scope at the old house!
  12. yes the difference is amazing, i was a bit worried about the lights from wrexham industrial estate but its not really a problem. Coddington is only down the road from me now, not been there though, not really got a portable setup.
  13. Hi steve, you've come to the right forum, lots of helpfull people here. Im just down the road in farndon and the weather is already rubbish so your not missing anything yet!
  14. glad to hear some people like the synguider, and i'll certainly be posting my progress, however slow, haha. Love the profile pic chris, I thought i was the only person who remembers star fleet, got the dvd for my birthday
  15. She is for now, don't think she realises what she's started though ive also told her all this bad weather is her fault!
  16. Well after a bit of a break due to moving house (with a much darker garden, hooray!) my wonderful fiancee bought me the best engagement pressie ever, EQ6 pro with guidescope and synguider to go with my 200p. I am now an official "all the gear, no idea" club member. I have to say Its very easy looking at the wonderfull images on this forum and thinking " I can do that, just need the kit". I notice a lot of people don't like the synguider but is there any reason for it, ie - didn't work or is it just personal preferance? Its all a bit confusing at the moment but i'm really looking forward to learning from my hundreds of mistakes! Can anyone think of anything to make the process any easier? I already have making every photon count, very helpfull. Phil.
  17. oh, and the bickerton poacher does good food and a good pint if it clouds over!
  18. If you head out towards wrexham from nantwich there is a right turn just past the bickerton poacher that leads up to the top of the peckforton hills, onto the sandstone trail. Not been up there with my scope but popped up for a look after a meal last week and it looked promising, lots of space to set up.
  19. Great image, I recently moved from boughton and with the light pollution i couldn't get anything like the detail you've got, especially at 50mm! Bit further out in farndon now so going to give AP another go.
  20. Doh, think I've posted this in the wrong place, could a mod please move it to the equipment section please?
  21. Hi all, not been on here for a while due to moving house ( NEVER AGAIN ). All worth it though as now i can see things with 15x70 bins that i couldnt see with my 200p before! Wanted to get into imaging for the last year, bought making every photon count which was just as good as everyone says. Now its time to buy some stuff !! Mount will be an eq6, probably get an st80 and synguider (like the idea of less wires), keeping my 200p, got a dslr. Having trouble deciding on a widefield refractor though. skywatcher ed80 seems to be the most popular by far but ive read a few reports of people needing to upgrade the focuser? i like the look of the opticstar ed80s and the william optics zs71 as well. Anyone had any experience / issues with these? any suggestions welcomed. Phil
  22. I see, only dipped my toe into imaging, all the fantastic images on here seem even better when you know how hard it is!
  23. Hi all, I see the baader hyperions can be attached to a dslr with a T ring but I never seem to see any images using this method. Are the results quite poor? Im thinking of buying one but wouldn't mind seeing a few images first.
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