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  1. Baz, that link will not work for me either, could you please repost it. Tim
  2. Psychobilly, thank you. I'll try and see if I can learn anything. Tim
  3. The learning curve is going to be a bit harder now, I can't open the 'help' menu in the beta version of DSS. I'll reload the regular version of DSS and use that help menu, maybe there is a glitch in the beta version, or maybe it's me.
  4. Kheldar / Psychobilly, thanks a lot. I was finally able to open the files. The next step is to learn how to use the program. Tim
  5. I'm sorry, I should have made the topic "Can't open CR2 raw files in DSS". I can open then in Canons DPP program, but that doesn't help. The problem is I can't open those files in the DSS program.
  6. I did convert one image to a tiff and it did open in DSS. I guess that DSS and Canon T3i CR2 raw files, at least from my camera anyway are not compatible with the DSS program. Is there anyway to fix that? Tim
  7. I'm using DSS version 3.3.2. I tried beta version 3.3.3 and that did not work either.
  8. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and this question has probably been asked before but my 'search' skills are a bit lacking. I have a Canon Rebel T3i. I took a series of photographs in Canons CR2 raw format. I had hoped to use the raw files in DSS. When I tried to open the raw files in DSS all I got was a thin vertical black strip. I tried DSS beta version also and still got the same results. Is there a simple (I'm not a computer genius) way to convert the Canon raw CR2 format to a format that DSS will recognize? It is my understanding that if you convert a raw file to tiff file to make it usable in a program, i.e. DSS you do lose a certain amount of post exposure processing control, maybe not the 'amount' of data in the file, but how your able to use or manipulate some of that data. I was unable to find any information in the DSS help menu about this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
  9. j4cub


    Greetings from sunny Sarasota Fl. I hope to learn a lot. Tim
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