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  1. I would recommend getting something with a synscan system that has to be one regret for me especially in light polluted areas
  2. Yes I am going to go to a convention thing in grimsby on the 13th this month hopefully
  3. Yes its aligned correctly I check all mirrors and any thing that can move before use after I move my scope and thankyou looks like cloudy night ahead so as soon as its clear I'll be on it again
  4. Thankyou all for the help I will definitely try look for the nebula in Gemini
  5. I was looking in this area for the m85
  6. The only nebula I have seen is Orion just wish I could see the colour in it instead of just gray I just think I need to set the Hubble up in me back garden lmao and going to invest in some filters and then a new mount just been out in garden looking for more things in this pic there is a small smudge and not sure what it is
  7. I only have the finder scope that comes with the skywatcher 10" dob
  8. Yer I only had hour and half sleep today was up all last night waiting for Jupiter and Saturn but one of the neighbours has a line of conifer trees about 1000 ft hight or that was what it seemed this morning blocking all the views almost went n cut em down lmao
  9. I wish I had bought the synscan goto with it as I struggling to find other things eg ring nebula I have 4 apps o me phone that show where the stuff is ment to be but just struggling to find them
  10. I have 10" dob an no filters but just taking of the little hole on the top of my scope to reduce the light pollution worked rather well and those pics was taken through a window aswell
  11. This is what I am getting 25mm 10mm 4mm I do see it a little better if I leave the top cover on and just take out the little hole
  12. I am thinking of getting a phone mount as takes me ages to take pictures
  13. These are all I have so far
  14. It's one of the brightest things in the sky or what ever I was looking at was lmao but it was small
  15. If you could that would be great thankyou
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