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  1. I've yet to see my first meteor, but I did see my first "flare" in the early hours of Sat morning whilst at work. I'm looking forward to some meteors though....
  2. wow, What would you give to be able to see that view with your own eyes? Just amazing
  3. Nice on Shibby. I like it, very handy for when I'm at work. Any chance of an upgrade for one with less clouds ...
  4. I was on night shift last night and after the last month or so amazingly had clear skies. I got to see Jupiter fly by the moon (due to my location) with the naked eye. It's just a pity I couldn't have a go at viewing it with my scope . But at least I got to see it
  5. I got my first long awaited view of Jupiter this morning after its "spring break" (and venus). Unfortunately I was at work and therefore unable to get my scope out. I can't wait to try and capture it with my webcam. Your picture has certainly refreshed my enthusiasm to capture this heavenly beauty. Nice one
  6. I'm with JamesF's comment about the opposition of clouds and sky. Fingers crossed for those who will be able to see Jupiter sneak behind the moon. Unfortunately I'm too far north being near to the lake district. Stellairium just shows it doing a "fly past" for me, but I'm thinking of those who might get to see it. For those who do get to see it, could somebody please post a photo? clear skys
  7. it was taken using my xbox cam. Its from a 20 secnd clip using sharpcap and stacked with registax 5.1 It was using my barlow, after I shortened the tube length on the cam. (Initially it wouldn't focus when using the barlow). Attached is one of my first attempts withmy xbox cam with out the barlow (this was using astrocapture)
  8. your image wasn't taken through double glazing was it? Here a shot I took on my first attempt at using a web cam.
  9. After weeks of waiting for the sky to clear, I managed to have a play with my xbox webcam and captured this.
  10. JimFR, I'm sure that the view I got when I looked through my scope.
  11. Well, the skys actually cleared last night and I saw stars for the first time in weeks. So out came the scope and to the centre of my garden I ventured. 20 seconds later I was diving for cover, dam seagulls.... . Not to miss the opportunity, I ended up repositioning closer to the house out of the gulls sight and managed to have a play with my xbox cam to get a good shot of saturn, after taking in the fly-by of the ISS Glad I did, as tonight the stars are gone and the clouds have returned......
  12. I'm getting just a little bit cheesed off now, after weeks of total cloud cover on the nights I'm not working.... ... I went out into the garden before to see if there was any hope of a glance of a star tonight and got dive bombed by a kamikaze seagull. It appears it's been that long since I had the chance of viewing clear skys, that not only have the gulls nested on my chimney, but their eggs have hatched and the first fluffy chick has been daft enough to have a go at flying. Resulting in it now taking up residence on the flat roof of next doors extension (12 feet above my viewing area), whilst its protective parents dive bomb anything within a 25 yard radius.
  13. Typical weather for me, cloud covered sky from horizon to horizon. Still I watched it last week thanks to Stellarium's fast forward button and the nasa webcast last night (or is that classed as cheating).
  14. Like DrRobin, I also thought about targeting Saturn with my xbox cam. So on Saturday I had a little play with my scope and cam. Here is my resulting effort. I did try again using my x2 barlow but I couldn't find any thing, only darkness on the screen . Any hints or tips to keep me thinking whilst waiting for my next clear night when I'm not working?
  15. I hope the patchy cloud last night didn't hinder everybody's viewing too much
  16. Can't believe this is just up the road for me, it would make the kids & wife happy to go camping plus stargazing to go with it , but doh! I can't make this weekend
  17. I have just received a xbox cam (cam number 2 as the Royal Mail kindly lost the original one I ordered ) and am about to mod it for my scope....
  18. partial success. the ISS passed by a gap in the cloud cover and I got to see it for a few seconds.
  19. Celestdon, the thought of focus issues did cross my mind, but having viewed some of the excellent pictures people have taken, if it is possible I'm sure somebody will post it. Don't know if I'll get to see it though, after glorious sunshine all day and clear skys, as soon as the sun set in comes the cloud cover
  20. I have just been looking at times when the ISS will pass over head tonight and stellarium shows it passing right by saturn at 23.16 (at least for south cumbria or blackpool area). I've only just got into astronomy again and although I've observed saturn it's too small to try and photograph with my scope. For anybody with a decent scope, it might be a good photo opportunity. I would look forward to hearing from anybody who manages it (or seeing the pics for that matter)
  21. I will look forward to seeing your pictures, because I am currently waiting for a xbox camera to arrive (courtesy of fleabay) myself to be used with my scope. Here's hoping for a clear sky....
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