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  1. unfortunately I had to hit the sack, I was struggling to stay awake. Hopefully I will have another go tonight (skies permitting)
  2. Freddie, all I can say is wow. That certainly put my blur to shame. I'll check the imaging section for more insperation
  3. just watched it go over head myself. It's just a pity I didn't have time to get my scope out after getting in from work
  4. I was working until 3 this morning, so I missed the earlier passes. I managed to watch the 03.37 pass over though. I also tried to capture it on my x-box cam. On checking the video clip when I woke up, from 5 minutes of video I managed to bag 6 frames of a white blur. I might have another go tonight after I finish work, when it comes over again. Has anybody else managed to grab a shot of it, as it's passed over?
  5. After promising my 8 year old daughter for weeks that she can have a look at Saturn through my scope, tonight she got her wish. Following weeks of clouds, with the odd exception when I've been at work, the wait was certainly worth it. The look of her face was fantastic, and the way she said "wow" just can't be repeated. In addition we also saw Titan for the first time. (A first for both of us). In addition we also bagged 2 iridium flares, another first for her (and also my wife, who came out to see what all the excitement was about, only to miss the first one by seconds). As my wife is busy facebooking her friends about it, I thought I'd share my half hour of viewing, whilst I try and think of a way to reassure my younger son he didn't miss anything (not)
  6. Paul M, don't forget he can also take fantastic photographs.... I have loved following his tweets. It seems a shame in away that its all ending. Any how, here's to a safe journey for him & his crew, they'll soon be home
  7. Damn, I've just noticed the dates for this and once again, I'm going to be working nights for the whole weekend. I would really love to come along and experience a star party. I feel like I'm jinxed (either that or you folks have looked at my shift pattern) and will never get to meet you folks and hopefully pinch some of your knowledge. What makes it even more annoying is that my other half is keen on attending a star party (even though she moans when I disappear into the garden at night). Any how, those who do attend, I hope you all have clear skies and a good time.
  8. likewise at last. I got a quick glimpse of it whilst I was on nights last night. I thought I was going to miss it.
  9. I've been looking for a week now, with no luck. I'm beginning to think I need to go to specsavers...
  10. Still no luck for me. 10/3 clouded out, 11/3 snowing, 12/3 back to the clouds again. Here's hoping for tonight...
  11. I'm looking forward to seing this. Fingers crossed for clear skies. I'm right on the coast so I will have a good view point. Could everybody on the Isle of Man turn their lights off please to reduce the light pollution....
  12. If that was 2013 and our council, you'd get about 6 months gazing per pellet.......
  13. I was working, but I managed a quick look just before 9 and think I spotted it, as it approached the plow. The clouds rolled in just after, so I had no more chances to check I was looking at the correct thing.
  14. First we lose Pluto as a planet. Now if Jim-a jnr gets his way Mars will go. I wonder which will be next..... I just love the comments kids come out with, they have an ability to put a smile on your face even when you've had a totally bad day. I wonder if his teacher knew, what he was referring to (without looking it up)?
  15. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2 and viewing some captured images. I had a play with my modded xbox cam last night, but I would like something which produces better images. Fingers crossed for clear skies, so you can give it a good test drive. Excellent post Dave with a good step by step guide.
  16. Yet another night with cloud cover and the boredom set in. So I still thought about having a play with my scope. Not exactly light years away (just over 21 miles actually), but I thought I would check out the illuminations at Blackpool....
  17. I've just finished a set of nightshifts and also spotted Orion for the first time this "winter" the other night/morning. It was just a pity I didn't have any bino's with me. I've been trying to spot the Pleiades, but with several nights of cloud cover, the only night of clear skys they were drowned out by the moon. 2 days off now, so fingers crossed.....
  18. If you are visiting, I would recomend watching a launch if you get the chance. When I visited Florida in 1991 I also visited the Kenedy Space Centre the day before a launch. On that occasion we got to see Discovery on the launch pad during a site tour and then the following day from the balcony of my mums timeshare apartment I saw it take off. Both truly amazing sights never to be forgotten.
  19. I hope you're having a good time. Once again I'm having to work. At least today's weather is better than the last couple of days.I hope it stays clear tonight for everybody.
  20. I saw it again on Tuesday night , not only with my daughter, but my 4 year old son and the next door neighbours, after my daughter told them all about it. Looking back I'm not too certain which one out of the five of us got the most excited about seeing it... ... I think it would have to be my son, because he waved to the astronauts on board virtually for the whole of the pass over.
  21. If it was on the telly the repeats would be identical. With the ISS even the "repeats" are must see, because each pass over is slightly different...
  22. I've tried a couple of times to capture the ISS with my 76mm newt & xbox cam, but all I've managed is a blurry streak of light :-(
  23. I think she's got the bug, we've just watched it pass over again. I wouldn't mind giving the meteors a go later on, but I've got work early in the morning.
  24. This might be a good idea for santa to consider. Has anybody any recomendations for a good one?
  25. I mentioned to my 7 year old daughter earlier that I saw the ISS pass over head last night and she almost had a hissy fit because she missed it. So after checking stellarium, we have just watched if fly over head (between 21.15 & 21:22) together and she is now over the moon. What made it even better was the fact she spotted it first. I've now got the problem though of trying to calm her down and getting her to sleep.
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