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  1. Paul Just mailed you about this via astrobuysell then saw it here, can collect in Belfast. John
  2. Interested in the rings, just need to measure my Celestron RACI finder to confirm it'll fit. EDIT - Sorry, my guidescope is 60mm, so doubt this would fit both
  3. Hi James - certainly, I'll PM you details. Thanks John
  4. This one ? DRV8825HW203-M-MT-F-BT seems to have all the options. Showing as €31.02 for three, so say £11 posted inc paypal fees? PM me details and I'll order a set. John
  5. Thanks, found the "To Order PCB" text file, was hoping they'd be available singly from you, which I suppose raises the question, would anyone (UK based) want to go thirds on an order? John
  6. Robert Are manufactured PCBs available, I know you have design files, but thought I saw something in the docs/online about purchasing a board - perhaps I was mistaken?? Thanks John
  7. I've just bought a Celestron RACI 9x50 finder and am trying to mount it on the rings of my EQ5/130PDS. The finder seems designed for mounting on an SCT (why not just regular rings with a flat bottom???) so I want to replace the bottom bracket with a dovetail. The bracket is like an inverted dovetail, so I'm trying to find something similar but long enough to fit between my rings, but can't see anything suitable. The standard Vixen mount seems to be 44mm wide at the base, whereas the top of the inveted base is 59mm wide. There seem to be dovetails available for SCTs which run the length of the tube (as below) but I can't see any dimensions listed - if something like the bar below had the correct 59mm width of the angled pieces I could drill a couple of holes to mount to my rings - anyone got one of these to measure (or a suitable alternative?) There's a thread on cloudynights where the base plate has been modified to clamp onto a tube, but I'd prefer ring mounting, whilst it's possible I'll end up with an alu bar between my rings and the base bolted to that, I'd prefer to be able to mount the finderscope bracket direct to a dovetail bar if such a beast exists. Alternatively, I could get a 60mm alu bar and see if I can get the edges beveled, but would prefer something off the shelf. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/586383-93781-celestron-raci-illuminated-finderscope/ Thanks John
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