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  1. I took up wargaming for the cloudy night only to find wargaming is way more expensive than astronomy! On the plus side, nearly every time we finish gaming the skies have cleared.
  2. This is your pic processed using Topaz DeNoiseAI to give you an idea of options.
  3. I ran your picture through GIMP 2.10.20 This is through Topaz Labs DeNoise AI
  4. I'd like to get some tube rings for my C6, what do most people go for?
  5. Which buttons do you press to put the starsense HC into firmware upgrade mode? I've forgotten how.
  6. I had to fight Hertfordshire county council all summer over one of these new lamps. Eventually they fitted one with glare shields that stops light pollution to the front and rear. However it has wide angles of light either side of the lamp which still pollutes my garden. Before midnight I've not a hope in hell of any decent viewing so for now I'm switching to lunar viewing. If it's dry tonight I'll take a photo and post it here.
  7. I think I can make it as long as I have a few days notice.
  8. With the right lighting you could demonstrate the lunar X in school science lessons.
  9. Interesting, when the autumn arrives I might go take a look.
  10. I'm going for it tonight but I suspect I might be cloud dodging...
  11. I hope this evening we have some good news.
  12. What's the latest LP pic look like?
  13. Put the camera in a box with some descant after the session is over?
  14. CPC 800, I'm just a little baffled at the moment. What I need is a long wind free clear night to play with all the options.
  15. I keep getting alignment failed when I choose the automatic alignment. I wish the manual was a little more helpful.
  16. Reduced weight, some refractors need Arnie to lift them.
  17. Okay, well since 2014 arrived GPS is spot on and the date/time is now correct.
  18. Just got this reply from the bods at Celestron... So, there is a work around and they might have a firmware fix soon.
  19. I've gone through all the settings and tried all the possible combinations. Still not happy.
  20. Used the Nexstar+ HC with finderscope and aligned in 2 minutes! I'll be asking for my money back as the starsense is not fit for purpose and I'll purchase a nice new right angled finderscope instead. Lesson learnt.
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