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  1. Levelling Legs/Feet

    Ha! Brilliant. Thanks for the reply's.
  2. Levelling Legs/Feet

    Can anyone recommend a type and where I can get 3 x adjustable levelling legs/feet. I have a 10" Dobs and the wooden base. Many thanks.
  3. Beginner Help

    Yes I will get that book. Many thanks for your responses.
  4. Beginner Help

    Interesting post. Since I wrote this i have been looking at posted images. the posters are saying that the images they took are guided and unguided. What do they mean? Am I assuming correctly that they are using a synscan (guided) manual (unguided)?
  5. Beginner Help

    I`m interested in doing some Astro Photography. At present I have a Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian (Solid Tube & Manual operation). Do I really need to get a Synscan to get the best quality photos. Also what camera would be suitable for this type of scope. I am told it is a "fast" scope. What does this mean in terms of photography. No doubt there will be more questions, because at present with the NEQ6 mount, Mounting rings, Camera and power tank, this is going to turn out quite expensive. Could I not get a decent camera, attached to eyepiece and take lots of short exposure pictures and stack them? Many thanks.
  6. Heads Up - Bargain power tank at Maplins

    Is this it: http://www.maplin.co.uk/3-in-1-portable-jumpstarter-383992
  7. Has anyone got this upgrade kit for the Dobs 250PX. I have been told that the conversion kit isn`t that accurate? Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Cleaning Filters

    Thanks to all
  9. Cleaning Filters

    Many thanks.
  10. Yes I have to say it was a brilliant night.
  11. Thinking of giving up :(

    Did you get out last night for the perseids meteor shower? I was at the other side of the village and got some cracking views of M51, M27, M57 and M31 & M32.
  12. Cleaning Filters

    I have a Castell UHC and a OIII. They are looking a little bit dirty. Can they be cleaned without damaging them?
  13. Nice one mate. I had a 130P for six months. Got addicted and went for the upgrade. When its clear you will get hours of fun with it.
  14. Good to see you`re getting better views now with the scope. I would say, viewing Jupiter at that time in the morning (5.15am) is probably not the best time to do it at this time of year. I have just upgraded to a 250PX because I was so impressed with my 130P that I have recently sold. I had some cracking views especially when I upgraded my eyepieces to the BST 5mm & 8mm, so I would leave the filters for now.