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  1. No Problem David. Now doing a carbon fibre wrap has got me thinking.
  2. I thought the flocking went on the inside of the tube not the out side. Although not taken the scope apart yet and there might be problems on the inside (hope not)
  3. Hi Guys. I have a Skywatcher 200p which I've always kept in the conservatory where the ambient temperature is close to the out side temperature so cool down time is virtually nil. Unfortunately I don't get to use the scope as much as I would like to and although being stored in the conservatory and covered with a blanket it seems to have suffered from the cold/damp air. The white metal ring at the mirror end of the scope has a few bubbles of corrosion under the paint and the first 1"-1.5" of the tube has some patches where the paint has lifted. I believe the ring at the mirror end I can take o
  4. How can an object like our Sun burn such vast quantites of fuel and not run out for billions of years? Still amazes me. Great pictures by the way.
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I will have another look when I get home in June.
  6. The only way I can describe them is a milky spot about a mm or two in dia. Whether they are from dust or pollen I really wouldn't know
  7. Hi Guys I don't get to use my telescope much now-a-days as I work overseas. I have been keeping my 200p in the conservatory at home which as we all know can be prone to damp and cold conditions. I got it out the oher day and noticed a few (5 or 6) small spots on the primary mirror. This did not upset my quick viewing of Jupiter and mars, but I am wondering how do I clean it or should I leave it well alone as it might damage the coatings ?
  8. Hi Bob. Welcome to the forum. Always a great read on here and lots of helpful advice.
  9. Hi James. Off the top of my head from what it looks like from memory I believe it's 6mm.
  10. Wow... Great shot. Have you thought about playing the lottery this week as well.
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