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  1. A friend of mine has managed to 'lose' the base of his dob at a dark site he has been using up on the hills by us and has asked me to help locate him a new one. Basically he forgot to load if=t in his boot last week and when he realised and went back the next day it had gone. Our local shop is closed for the weekend now so I was wondering if it was possible to buy a 200p bas on its own, and if so, does anyone know how much they cost? Thanks in advance. Rob
  2. Thanks for the replys everyone, For the mopon and planets, if my scope has a 650mm focal length, what size eyepieces would be worth getting? I dont want to waste money getting sizes I wont need. I have a Tal barlow already. Could I get away with a couple or will I need more than that? Does anybody have an idea of the maximum magnification a 130 Heritage can use? Thanks again for the help, much appreciated. Rob.
  3. Hello everyone, After changing my mind and plans for ages Ive just bought a Heritage 130p and would like to upgrade the eyepieces to improve my viewing. I like viewing the moon and the planets and would like to keep things as simple as possible but am not sure which magnifications to go for? I know the Vixen NPL & BST Explorers are both highly regarded in their price ranges but are there any others worthy of consideration? Or would it be worth saving for a while and going for a Baader Zoom, or would it be overkill/ wasted on my scope? Thanks in advance for any help you may have time to offer.
  4. Im after recommendations for the best under £400 scope for the moon & planets? I would prefer something fairly small and portable if possible and is there anything available that has a goto or tracking system that can be used accurately by hand? Thanks in advance, Robin.
  5. Thanks for the reply, It sounds like you use it the way I would like to, planets and the moon with a webcam in the end eyepiece. Have you got any pics that you have taken using it? Best Regards, Robin.
  6. Hi there all, For a first telescope, would any of you reccomend the above? My priorities are, Viewing the moon and planets. Space and weight as I do not have any storage space and would like to take it away camping. I would like to use a webcam for imaging and I thought I could use one eyepiece holder for an EP and the other for a webcam as it has 2? Is there anything much better for similar money out there? I will also need a tripod, I was thinking of the matching mini-porta due to the light weight of both items. Thanks in advance, Robin.
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