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  1. You could try Accuweather. They have an hourly forecast for whatever location you choose. But I do think that most sites don't perform to 100%
  2. Looks like an interesting & useful project. Loads of potential .... Unfortunately it doesn't look as if they will reach their funding target by the 2nd December ! Alan
  3. I would love too many stars ! At the moment I've got too many clouds ! Have patience , it will soon become familiar.
  4. Thanks Steve. I would have missed that one! Alan
  5. Thanks for passing this on. Some good advice from Robin. Alan
  6. Just hang in there. Your enthusiasm will come flooding back in due course. Those cloudless skies will be here soon and will more than reward your patience ! Alan
  7. Thanks Tinker1947, Thats a definite bookmark. A very useful site. Alan
  8. Thanks c3po, Definitely one for the diary. Not to be missed!
  9. Thanks Robin, That's a superb site. I haven't come across that one before. It could be useful. Definitely one to bookmark. Alan
  10. You're right Cosmojaydee. Bins would be good, but unfortunately I had a macular hole repaired in my left eye and its left me with some distortion on that side, so I'd better stick to my one good eye !
  11. Thanks for the heads up Yeti Monster. Might be worth a shot.
  12. Thanks for your input everyone, Having had my budget limited (!), I am presently comparing all the options. Currently I (or should I say we) are considering a Skywatcher Startravel 80 from FLO. Regards Alan
  13. Thanks for the advice guys. i don't think I can run to an APO at this time. I am looking at a budget around £100 or so. I'm flying with Easy Jet and their carry on limit is 56x45x25 cm - no mention of a weght limit though. Alan
  14. As a relative newcomer to this fascinating hobby, I find I'm continually frustrated by the lack of clear skies....But i guess we all are !! However, I'm off to Portugal for 10 days over Christmas and I thought there might be some better opportunities there. Have any of you got any recommendations of travel scopes small enought to fly with as hand luggage. Does the small size (& presumable poorer performance) mean I will be wasting money? All thought welcome. Thanks Alan
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