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  1. Looks like the makers of the Pi are making the camera module without the IR filter and selling for the same price as the regular camera. http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/5089
  2. Anyone read this article: "Stars on webcam In what is being hailed as a first, a New Zealand amateur backyard astronomer has produced images of the protoplanetary disk surrounding a star that’s 63.4 light-years distant - on a webcam." Backyard astronomer snaps Beta Pictoris dust disk ? The Register
  3. Does anyone know if the dark "blob" bottom left is the GRS? Regards.
  4. Took this tonight 30-09-2011, 22:00-23:00ish, think i am getting better but its a while since i used the scope.
  5. Does anyone know if it should be possible to see the shuttle launch from the UK tonight? Regards
  6. Where do people on here get their images printed off? I have tried a few online places and the photos although good for terrestrial images didnt seem to do very well at reproducing my asto images as they look on the pc screen. Any tips? Regards, Tim
  7. Thank you for the kind comments. To get focus i used a bright star and live view until the star was a point of light, i was quite pleased with how it turned out.
  8. Took this light didn't expect much but am pretty impressed with this shot. 50 subs of 13sec and 10 darks. Canon 1000D C80ED on a supatrack mount.
  9. A friend of the family owns a farm house down there, no light pollution what so ever, could even clearly see M31 just wish i had taken my scope.
  10. You are missing it, what software are you using to capture it? Remove the Barlow that’s half the prob you need turn the gain and brightness up on the software to full and make sure you have capture to either 5fps-10fps and try again, the size of the sensor on the webcams are very small and although its looks like its in the centre in the eye piece it will prob be way off, also make sure you use your most powerful eyepiece to get the object dead centre and try not to nudge anything when inserting the cam (little tip i find useful, when instering the webcam keep your eye on the screen as you can sometimes see the object while inserting and is maybe just off to one side so when locked in place you can then move to where you saw it when inserting). Once you have it dead centre on the screen and tracking then try the Barlow. Regards, Phantom
  11. Here is the view from the backgarden in the small hamlet of Sauvat in France. Taken with a Canon 1000D 10subs of 25 seconds.
  12. That looks really good Cloudwatcher, but whats with flipping it round?
  13. Here is the original Tiff with no RGB or anything adjusted. M31_Tiff
  14. Yeah sure will have to be after work as its on my machine at home. Thanks.
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