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  1. Does this look any better? Ive been staring at this screen for to long!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the video Dipper, very helpful. I'll be giving that a go JohnC, I dont mind at all. That looks much better!!
  3. Hey, Thanks for the comments guys (forgot to thank you Dipper in my last post). I took a set of 15 still images and made a composite image using registax. Then I sharpened and played about with some settings in photoshop (wasnt quite sure what I was doing to be honest). The scope I used was a Skywatcher Explorer 130m eq2. The camera was a nikon D3100. I also used a x2 barlow. I cant remember what the camera settings were set at, I took the photos a few weeks ago. You are a nosy bunch but that fine by me along as am gaining some knowledge Thanks
  4. The purple tinge is probably due to me messing around with photoshop setting. How can I manipulate the picture to bring out detail in the craters?
  5. Hi, This is my first attempt at astrophotography. Its not great but it's a start Your thoughts and advice would be most welcome.
  6. Hi all, I have managed to make a few naked eye observations of the International Space Station. It does seem to be moving quite rapidly across the sky. I was wondering how it is possible to track such a fast moving object through a small telescope?
  7. Has there show went off air for everyone else or am i the only one?
  8. Is anyone watching this webcast? Am I right in saying its running late?
  9. Hey, forget that last post, found them on you tube. I put a playlist together for anyone who wants to view them. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL41E0FCA752689D86
  10. I was thinking maybe newcomers might benefits from a recommended book list?
  11. Hi all, I was in contact with First light optics and they have told me that they dont have the Tal 2x 3x Barlow lens in stock and that they may not be restocking them Could anyone recommend a reliable website that sells these items? Thanks in advance.
  12. how do you know that they are a good quality Barlow? Is there something different about design or something?
  13. Hi all, How do you know when a Barlow is of good quality? I've been thinking of purchasing one as the one that came with my scope is no good; all am seeing with it is a blurry mass of light. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Am sure you see loads of these posts but I seen saturn for the first time tonight/this morning!! Very impressive cant wait to get out again for some further viewing!!
  15. Hi all, I was wondering is it safe to observe the moon directly through the eye piece or should I be using moon filters? The reason I am asking is that I tried to observe it last night but it was very bright. When I came away from the eyepiece I found that I could see a negative after image for a while. Is this bad for eyesight? Thanks in advance.
  16. Goto mounts seem to take away the fun. I like the idea of learning the sky and reading star maps etc. Am guessing that most amateur astronomers use the star hop method?
  17. Thanks guys for your help. For future reference, when purchasing another mount how can I tell if the R.A and Dec. circles will work properly?
  18. I have been using it to star hop, however I really wanted to use it as it was meant to used. Disappointed! Serve's me right for rushing into purchasing a scope. On the plus side I'll get to learn the sky without relying on co-ordinates I guess.
  19. Hi all, I've been reading that R.A and Dec. circles are pretty much useless on small mounts? Can anyone tell me if this is the case for the mount supplied with a Skywatcher explorer 130m? Thanks in Advance
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