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  1. Wow the aurora is incredible, the light pollution a bit of an eye opener too - especially when you get to Europe.
  2. Everything looks good here too, might actually get to use the (not so) new dob properly for the first time tonight wohoo! Will also give the new camera a go tonight. Lets just hope I can stay awake late enough! What's even better is that next door are moving out and are not living there at the moment - hence no security light :D
  3. I was worried the first time we collimated the dob, watched vids on youtube and read tons of guides and when it came down to it, had no trouble at all
  4. It's quite expensive, I managed to get the science dept to pay for it. Quite lucky really considering I teach maths
  5. I arranged for a mobile planetarium to come to the school where I work today. It was absolutely brilliant and I got to see the first unpolluted, cloud free "skies" in months! It should keep me going through the torrential rain we are due to have over the next few days
  6. Wow I want my ceiling to have glow in the dark stars on too! I was thinking about getting my daughter some of those stick on ones but the stuff on this thread is faaaar cooler than that!
  7. I've got a t shirt that says "Eat Sleep Astronomy" and the sleep part is crossed out. You could do something like that if they say no
  8. Thanks we've been before and love trebarwith strand (as do the kids - the rock pools are amazing when the tide goes out). Wasn't impressed with the curry place last time we went (we stayed in Boscastle last year) so will have to try the chippy. I'm sure we will be frequenting the pub too as if I remember rightly there is free wifi in there
  9. We went to Goonhilly when on holiday - I think it must have the best internet connection in Cornwall! It cost quite a bit to get in though, not worth it if you are just checking emails
  10. According to "great lies to tell small kids" Scotland gets towed south 1000 miles by big boats for 2 weeks a year so they can have a summer. Maybe if we got enough boats we could tow the whole uk south a bit to get a summer
  11. Things get darker from here everyone wohooooo!
  12. When you're excited about tomorrow, not because it's your husbands birthday but because it's payday and you bought a 12" dob last month and are feeling rather poor
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