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  1. Best way of applying boot polish, is to place a small amount in a shallow dish or saucer. Warm it up so that it just melts to a liquid. Use a small piece of sponge or cloth and just dab the polish all over the brass plate. Let it harden, then gently polish off with a piece of cotton cloth until just the engraved lines are left filled with polish. Once assembled, if you turn the speed controler as slow as it will go, you will find Mercury, takes 40 seconds to orbit the Sun. Earth takes 3 minuites 24 seconds. Pluto takes just over 8 hours 38 minutes. Run on a faster speed doesn't do it justice. Running slow is very silent, Run fast and there is a very slight humming of the motors & gears. Make sure you place your model, where the cat can't get to it. Cat's are quite fascinated by them, and knocked my Neptune of its arm. ( luckily it fell on the carpet so wasn't damaged ) So apart from Earth, I have glued the planets to the arms with a slight touch of super glue, so they don't fall off. All in all I am quite impressed with the model and look forward now to collecting all the parts for the new Tillerium. I think that this should be the most interesting of the two models and should look good displayed together. Ah well only another 49 parts to go! The extra Earth gear is to replace some that run tight, which were sent out with some issues. But my original runs smooth and is not tight. Everyone please let us know what you think of your Orrery. Geoff
  2. Maybe it lights up like the sun and is made in two halfs to insert the light. The whole model looks quite good and more pleasing than the orrery. Regarding the mags, they could contain some repetitive material, but I should imagine that more up to date stuff will be forthcoming. Anyway, I'm more interested in the model, than the magazines. Geoff
  3. JUst the last issue to collect now and this is Part 52 containing the transformer. With the last isues, 48 to 51, the final base, legs, speed controller & motor were delivered. Also for those who have subscribed to this series, they will be sent parts 1 & 2 Free, of the new Earth, Moon, & Sun Orbiter, or Tillerium. This is another astronomical model, which again, will come in 52 Parts. To find out more about this latest model click here http://build-model-orbiter.com/index.html I will be collecting this too, as I am so pleased with the quality of the Orrery Periscope
  4. I suppose the last part will contain the Motor. Geoff :salute:
  5. Maybe we will get a 5 issue to finish off,but I doubt it! They will make us hang on another month I expect. Geoff :salute:
  6. I'm saving all mine too Tim, until I have the lot, then I will make a start on assembling it. The only problem I have had so far, was the last four issues, No's 40, 41 42 & 43. All the parts arrived, but I was sent to copies of issue 40 magazine, istead of issue 41, which covered the planet Pluto. I gave them a ring, and they are sending me a new issue of No 40, which I was told will include the part (Pluto) as well, so it looks like I will have a spare planet. The reason for this I was told, is because the magazine and part come sealed in the same package. Ah well, I'm not complaining, as it won't cost me anything. I was also told that issues 44 to 47 were posted yesterday, so these should arrive by about Tues or Wed, next week. It usually takes about a week in the post, because they come second class parcel post, which can take up to ten days before they arrive. Other than that, I have had no problems, but I do find it better to phone if I have a problem, rather than email, as sometimes you don't seem to get a proper answer to your queery. At least by phone, you actually get to speak to someone who can deal with any problems. Geoff :salute:
  7. I suppose it depends where you live, as to how good the postal delivery is. Mine still hadn't arrived in this mornings post (Mon 23 Dec) so if it doesn't come tomorrow, It will be after Christmas. Never mind, I havn't started assembling mine yet, I'm waiting until I have the complete set. Geoff
  8. I'm hoping mine will arive before Christmas, just two postal days left. They took the money from my account just over a week ago, so it is due any day. Knowing my luck, it will probably get delayed in the Christmas mail backlog, which happens every year. I recived one of my presents on Jan 5th last year, due to this. Parcels seem to take longer than letters around Christmas. Geoff :salute:
  9. It will have probaly cost the buyer at least £20 to £30 for postage, as it must weigh at least 5 or 6 lbs. It would just be as cheap to buy it through back issues direct from Build A Model Solar System and receive each part in its plastic packaging. There is still time to obtain it by collecting all the back issues, after taking out a subscription for the series, which will start with the current issues. I started my collection at issue 20 and now have all the back isues up to that issue. It cost me double my monthly subscription ( £47. 96p) per month whilst collecting the back issues, but I now just pay £23. 98 for every four issues, as they are sent out. Geoff :salute:
  10. Nah - you'd have to repaint it every 11 years Looks like I would need to buy a new paint brush by then.
  11. Using a very fine artists paint brush, why not repaint it yourself, if you want it to be perfect. Personally, I don't think I shall worry too much about it. Unless you are into astronomy, anyone else viewing your Orrery would not even notice any difference as to what Neptune should look like. Although very small, all the moons are the same size for each planet, so these are not to the correct scale AND are all left silver. I suppose the rivet counters, could paint some detail on these if they want to be so picky. Or how about painting the Sun Bright Orangy/Yellow and paint on some sun spots as well. :laughing3: :laughing3: :laughing3: Geoff
  12. I don't use Credit Cards, I pay for mine with a Debit Card. If I havent got the funds in the bank, I don't buy. At least I don't owe anybody anything. My house is paid for and I am enjoying my retirement.
  13. I also received copies, 36, 37, 38 & 39 today. I have got all the back issues I needed, so its just a matter of receiving all the issues to complete the series. Then I can start to assemble it.
  14. To get the Orrery to work, you need to get every part, as the Base & Motor will be issued in the final issues. As was previously stated, you might sometime in the future, see a few on E-Bay, but not mine, I'm afraid. This is once in a lifetime collection and is bound to increase in value, as time goes on. If you think that this particular Orrery is quite expensive, then have a look at this site for a comparison of what these machines are really worth. http://www.orrerymaker.com/ Geoff
  15. This Build A Solar System is only available in the UK, South Africa & Australia. I wouldn't say that this company is illegitamate. The quality of all the parts are second to none, being all solid brass and engineered to a high standard. As the previous poster stated, they are delivered once a month in four issues and so far, all issues have arrived in good condition. You never know, they might decide to issue it to Canada, which is part of the British Commonwealth, which would be esier to obtain in the US. Geoff
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