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  1. Stu - what's the app shown in your pics and is it available for Android?
  2. Apologies from me also. Very impolite. [Goes and stands in corner with head bowed thinking about what I did]
  3. According to Sreallarium, the next time she's sort of in that position is around 2032. Can't wait as I'll only be 73 then and my eyes will probably be knackered
  4. Stu Just had a look on Stellarium for that date and was amazed just how high she was. Also used the scope view and the rings were really tilted open. Must have been spectacular..
  5. That must have been quite a sight Stu!
  6. It's mostly down to the seeing. My first view of Saturn was last year with my Heritage 130p and Vixen 8mm (x2 Barlowed to give x162) and the Cassini was easily seen then - but the seeing was very good. However, was out night before with 8SE and BST ED 12mm (x169) and although it was the best seeing conditions for a while, the Cassini division only became evident when the air stopped moving. Moving up to the BST ED 8mm (x254) was pretty useless. Saturn is pretty frustrating as to me it's arguably the most beautiful object in the sky but only visible during warmer months and therefore more turbulent atmospheric conditions. Also, as mentioned by OP, it's at quite low in the sky! Cosmic conspiracy? HTH
  7. These were taken at 11.30pm which I believe is quite early to spot NLC's. The usual time is around the 12.30 am mark but I have been informed by seasoned NLC watchers that this was quite a display for so early in the NLC season. In one way, I wish I hadn't have seen it because I am now walking around the office like a zombie due to lack of sleep watching out for further displays!
  8. Nice shots Starman1969! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get out to a site which would have given me a wider perspective and view of the horizon but it was still quite a show wasn't it? Just come back in after looking for more NLC's but it wasn't to be. Still, there's always tomorrow night
  9. Thanks Michael - If there are any showing tonight then you will not mistake them for anything else as they are so bright. Amazing thing about them is how much the patterns change without noticing that they have
  10. Had a play with the Canon editing software and managed to bring one of the pics to as close as how I remember seeing the NLC's on the night. Very bright. Few stars there too which are either actually there or just dust on the sensor
  11. Thanks Mikeyscope - I think I could have gotten the focus a little tighter but find manually focussing the 'nifty fifty' lens a bit of a challenge even when zoomed in using liveview. At least on the old cameras setting the focus to infinity meant it focussed to infinity - but now - it seems it's infinity minus a bit! The pics were unprocessed so I may try bringing a little more detail out. Will post if I do.
  12. Thanks Joe_L - I too was surprised just much light the NLC's reflected.
  13. Thanks Laurie61 - apparently the people in the know reckon we could be in for a good year for NLC's. It's a good start to the season anyway and let's face it, after last years disappointments we are owed a few nights of decent displays
  14. Steve - 4am? Blimey! I thought I had it tough? Tomorrow night looks promising but this is Cumbria and anything can happen weather-wise
  15. Thanks Steve. I just wished I could have stayed up a bit later as the display just got better - but as I have to be up for work at 5.30am....
  16. Went out into the garden last night and was greeted by this.......this..........this.........this........this.......and also this... My first sighting of Noctilucent Clouds. Just beautiful. The pictures don't do them justice.
  17. Hi Patrik Thanks for advice and the heads up re CS2
  18. Yikes! After seeing the cost of CS5 the only thing I'd be amazed at if I bought it would be the speed that the divorce papers arrived at! Seriously though, I've heard a lot about the GNU freeware package the GIMP, would that be suitable for now?
  19. Hi Dave Thanks for feedback. I believe Celestron used to do a wedge, but from what I've read on the web of other peoples experience of them, they are a PITA to set up. I'll just go with what I have and use multiple lights and maybe drop the ISO a little.
  20. Hi MM - Don't mind at all. Thanks for taking the time to show me what is achievable even from a limited quality single image. Much appreciated. Maybe some darks would have helped........oooh, er....I'm getting hooked aren't I???
  21. Hi Badgerchap - The mount is the Celestron single fork Alt/Az GOTO and is great for visual but like you say, put a camera on the scope and it soon starts to show it's limitations. However, as I bought the set-up purely for visual, I am only having a dabble in the black art that is AP to see what my current equipment is capable of and have no great desire at this stage to take it further (I wonder how many near bankrupt astro photographers said that at the start?) I do see though how so many people get hooked - which is a very worrying thought for me!
  22. Thanks Baggywrinkle. Noticed that too with the SE mount. Anything over 20 secs starts trailing so guess I'll just have to limit exposure times and just take more frames.
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