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  1. Hi. i currently have an lx90, however, I am looking to get an equatorial mount. does anybody know if the 8" ota will fit the heq5pro with the appropriate adapter, as I am interested in this mount as I will be imaging. Many thanks. alan
  2. I am looking to upgrade my camera and like the specs on these. However, I popped into currys today to have a look and a feel and I can't seem to find any connection for a DC in. Has anybody used or come across one of them and can confirm whether or not they can accept an external power supply? al
  3. Many thanks for the fast responses. I will give that a try next time I get out. I have been holding off getting a webcam, but looks like it's the only real option. Al
  4. Whenever I attempt to take images of what I am seeing through the scope, all I seem to be able to get is blurred images. When I look through with eyepieces, I can see a crisp, clear image. Saturn for example, is really nice through eyepiece, the rings are clear and you can see reasonable definition of the planet itself. But when I come to image it, it just seems out of focus and a yellow blob with some ears. I have a Sony A450 DSLR, which is a good camera. I have a variable projection adapter and a basic adapter with the correct T-ring. The scope is a Meade LX90 8". I insert the adapters into the diagonal (with eyepieces inside). Is there something I am missing? Any advice much appreciated. Al
  5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/78542159@N05/7256797304/ This was the best I could manage. It was very blurry and wobbly around my end
  6. I'm very happy with it considering it was literally point and shoot without any preperation
  7. We live at the end of a quiet street, so no one was around at the time. Not that I would care .
  8. My apologies, it was meant to be here. Must have clicked the wrong one. Al
  9. This was taken on the 29th March of the two planets and the moon. It was a bit of a rush job as I was heading out and spotted them, so the focus is a bit off. If you look closely, you can make out M45 between the Moon and Venus. There was a streetlight smack in the middle (which you can make out at the bottom), which didn't help things. This was one of my first attempts at widefield stuff. I hope you enjoy. Al
  10. Many thanks for the replies guys. Very useful information Al
  11. After looking through the images section at various transits of planets, ISS etc. I was wondering, are there any websites that give an idea when these transits may occur? Al
  12. I have just been browsing around looking for what I can invest in next to move to more serious stargazing. I unfortunately will be limited by the budget and at £1500, this might be my limit. One website offers a SCT and ACF version. I understand what SCT is but I am unsure what the ACF means. At an extra £100 or so to the SCT, is it better? I am also under the impression that a lower focal ratio of say f/4 is better for deep sky observation. Compared the the f/10 of the LX90, what difference would be expected for such objects? Finally, what are the thoughts generally of the LX90 from those who own or have previously owned one. Many thanks in advance. Alan
  13. batesy71


    I think he expected to be able to point at an object and see it in all its glory straight away. Just popped out for a smoke and i can see the plough down to leo with a tad of high cloud. hoping it clears, even if only for a short while Al
  14. batesy71


    I am looking forward to giving the TAL a spin. Saturn is my next aim. So far the moon, Jupiter and a fuzzy Mars have been spotted.
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