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  1. Just seen saturn tonight with 130mm newt and 9mm ep. It was awesome! Almost looks unreal with the pronounced rings. Have 2x Barlow and new plossl 35 and 9mm eyepeices coming can't wait. Are there any deep space objects that are viewable with 130mm newt? I looked at I believe m35 an open cluster tonight but not really sure at what I'm supposed to see, it's was a group of stars from I what I seen with a 25mm. Happy gazing!
  2. Just purchased a skyprodigy 130 Newtonian, and I'm not sure if I'm correctly using the scope or it's as good as it going to get. The moon was great to look at but looking at mars or Venus it Looks like a tiny circle still. The eye peices that came with it are 9 and 25 mm. Hopefully the eyepeices are the problem but if it is the limitations of the scope how big of a scope do I need to see deep space and much larger views of planets
  3. Hello all, anxiously waiting for sun to set. I have outside waiting new sky prodigy 130. Im in chandler, az usually have Nice sky's despite being in the middle of large city. This will be my first telescope experience since 8, so i am pretty excited. Anything special in the night sky tonight to look for? Also I have two eye peices a 9 and 25mm, any info on what should be used when would be awesome. Thanks again everyone and happy gazing