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  1. first of all i want to star by asking what is it ment exactly by x30 does it mean an objext viewd in the telescope is 30 times bigger then with your eye or does it mean it decreses the distance 30 times for example 1000meters views though x30 would half that so it would be 500m and so forth till its halfed it 30 times another thing my telescope has a max mag of 100 that is usefull what does it mean by this also is it posible to increase the max usefull magnification from a telescope for example my focal lenth is 600 could i ad things to it to make the focal lenth 700 or even 800
  2. ok i have just been out for hour and half i put the barlow inbetween telescope and diaganal and for first time since i have had the scope i could see stuff i mean with just the eye peices things were dot couldent tell what i was looking at and when i used barlow inbetween diaganal and eye piece it was blurry and it already focused to bot maxes but still blurry basicly the only thing i could look at was moon so like i said i swaped barlow to between telescope and diaganal and it was amazing i couldent see and detail what so ever but i could see things were planets for example venus i could see it was only half in the light mars was small but could see the outlines of the planet and it had a red tint and saturn was the best it was white but i clearly could see the rings and what i think was a moon
  3. ok might seem a stupid question but what was does the barlow lense go on it doesent say in any manual i have curently i have the telescope then the focuser going into the diaganal then the barlow lense then the eye piece is that the right way to have it
  4. ok ive decided to buy a new telescope i have a celestron 50az ive had it 2 weeks now i am impressed with it but it has limiting factors as in i can bearly see anything but the moon i want to see planets in the solorsytem with a little colour and detail and also some deep space things like the nebula basicly i have about 150 pounds for a new one and i want some advice on what to get as im still quite a newbie at this i want from it what i said doesent have to be the best just so i can see detail a little more rather then pointing it at saturn or jupiter and not seeing anything but white circle
  5. i have just come in from an hour and half trying to get saturn i eventualy did witch i can belive for one i have a 50 az celestron telescope witch hasent reallt picked up anything bar the moon and 2 it was with a eye pice that ive been told is usles for my scope a 4mm it wasent massive in the eye pice saturn was about the size of this o in the middle of the view but u could see it had more width it wasent untill i pulled my eye from the eye peice ever so slightly and my eye focused slightly better i see a clear view of the rings it was all white the colours but the ring was there tho be it very small literaly about o small witch i can only describe as in an area in the eye peice that looked like a cd size in comparison there is how ever something i dont get with a 20 mm and a 3x barlow lense it sooms in i have saturn taking up just about half the view yet no ring also i have these strange marks around the planets actualy when ever i am using the barlow lense it looks like 3 tabs evenly space around the perimiter or any planet i look at or star when on barlow lense it doesent matter where in the view i point they follow and stay in the same place on the planet does anyone whow what this is
  6. is anyone from or around medway towns who know good places to take telescope to get some great views
  7. celestron 50az on box it says 600mm focal lenth f/12 im using a 20mm eye pice and a x3 barlow lense
  8. im having trouble viewing venus first of ill start by sayimg my eye pice does x30 and i have a 3x barlow lense on and aparently the max magnefecation for my telescope is about 110 total usable magnafacation so im well in the peramiters on mag yet i cant seem to see it properly its blurred ferther more i looked on numerous websites to locate venus and the all point to the bright object in the sky so i must be looking at venus yes in the scope it shows a whole planet not this planet that it ment to be half shadow im loving looking at whats out there but im incresingly frustrated about how to set it up so i can view something other then the mooncan anyone help
  9. ok in one of my eye peaces there was a tiny eye lash on the inside so i got the cloth that was given with my telescope i have spent ten minuites cleaning it i got the eye lash out but i can seem to get rid of the tiny fibers left by a cloth and i can see them through the eye pice how do i clean this so its free of every thing
  10. is it possible to view jupiter with the scope and maybenot see detail but beable to tell its jupiter or saturn
  11. hello i am having trouble viewing planets i can see the moon and craters niceley but planets im not sure if i have seen them yet i pointed my telescope at a star with lightly redish tint im asuming it was mars as it was where my star map said when using a 20mm eyepice it was to small to see so i switched to 12.5 still looked reletivly small coudent see andthing to a put a 1.5 magnyphying pice on it witch made the object big taking up the whole view in the eyepice yet i couldent see much i could see the edge it wasent sharp but was not blurry but that was it i couldent even see or tell of a red tint i also pointed it at jupiter earlyer in the evening and to be honest it looked similer to what mars did if not the same i tried the same thing with the 3x attachment i think these objects i am looking at are the planets but cant be sure like i said i keep checkingto see if it is i have a celestron powerseeker 50az can anyone help me with the best set up i have a 20mm eyepice a 12.5 and a 4mm as well as a 3x barlow lense 1.5xerecting eyepice
  12. jaymz stealth


    hi im scott i live in kent england and im 30 just got into star gazing bought my first telescope yesterday a cesteron powerseeker 50az
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