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  1. Why don't those of you close enough come and ask Alan Bean if he went to the Moon!
  2. You are guaranteed a photo with Alan. These cost £20 and are payable at the event. Ken.
  3. Anyone wishing to attend either the dinner or talk should send cheques asap! Ken.
  4. Not sure if you mean the Alan Bean event in Pontefract this October but his autograph is free to those who attend the events!! Ken.
  5. West Yorkshire AS DID NOT bring Aldrin over to Pontefract-I did. The event was nothing to do with them. Alan bean will be in Pontefract October 11th and 12th 2013. www.space-lectures.com/ Ken. alan bean poster (1).pdf
  6. ken.willoughby.


    Alan Bean, Apollo 12 LMP will be in Pontefract, West Yorkshire in October 2013. Further details see: www.space-lectures.com/ Ken.
  7. Meet Harrison Schmitt in Pontefract this October. See: Welcome Page Ken.
  8. Friday October 19th and Saturday October 20th. Astronaut Harrison Schmitt in Pontefract. http://space-lectures.com/ Ken.
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