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  1. Thanks m-i-l that's good to gauge.
  2. I've just got in from a session on M42 and saw ABCD easily but it was E and F I was after. Thought I got a hint of them at different times but no clear cut observations. This was with the 4". Good views of the nebulosity. Rest of time spent on M1, 35, 36, 37, 38 and NGC 1647. And Jupiter, of course.
  3. Indeed, this is the fatal flaw with such shows. Totally at the mercy of the weather. It also means they have to have 2 show plans and scripts to run in parallel, and being live this tests the skills of even the most seasoned broadcasters. While I admire the idea of the show I think it is rather naive to think it would be a great success in Uk.
  4. Yes good advice above - don't just jump in head first. Test drive a few. The key variables you need to combine to their most ideal for your need being budget/aperture/length/weight/wieldliness/glass or mirrors.
  5. Agree with Matt - an overlooked target that is even rather detested by Deep Sky devotees, but has fabulous challenges and landscapes to explore. I have always wanted to spot the central rille running the lenght of the Valles Alpes - but no luck so far!
  6. Those clusters never fail to inspire.
  7. Very inspiring report - now for some clear skies please!
  8. Thanks to the OP for this thread. I am going to have to dash home from work Thursday to just catch the last 10 mins of this event.
  9. That scope will be incredible if my APM/TMB LZOS 152 is anything to go by! Got mine for less than £5000 in mid 2000nds, now they're nearly £10k....
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