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  1. Hi Nina, i will be interested on any future camps you have planned, this one i won't be able to attend with work comitments.
  2. I think it's ok, there is only so much you can fit in the time scale they have been given, i rather like Dr Lucie Green if i'm honest .
  3. Very nice, i have the same mount type bins, can you buy the bracket and finder like that, the only ones i have seen is the ones that bolt on the front of the bins.
  4. Thanks, i have dropped FLO a message, great bins Russty very pleased with them, any ideas on a T bar?
  5. Hi guys, i recently purchased the Horizon 8115 2 tripod for my new bins, but it came with a damaged loosen/tighten screw from scopes n skies and they wont respond to my request for a new one, so i will have to buy one myself, the trouble is i am finding it hard to source this part, would anyone know where i could buy a spare please, it would be much appreciated, here is somes pics to show you. Here is my setup and the damaged part.
  6. RIP Sir Patrick, you will be missed.

  7. Hi guys,got my first visit to kielder observatory soon and have many more planned,i am like a kid in a sweet shop:)
  8. Hello fellow Cumbrian,good to see a few of us on here:)
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome fellas and lady's,hope to pick up lots of valuable information in the threads:)
  10. Dark energy

    Hi guys

    Hi guys,Thought i would take the plunge and join the forums,i'mm 39 and been into the cosmos since i was 15 and decided to up my game and get right back into something i have loved for so long:)
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