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  1. I really cannot comment on that device,other than holy s##t!
  2. Yep Jupiter has been very clear and bright for a while now hasnt it,it often hangs right outside my backyard door facing south.I had a peek a few nights ago with the binos (still a fair bit of cloud around too) and managed to see 2 of its moons,albeit quite faintly.A stabilized view could have allowed me to detect even more I reckon. And my preferred observing attire? yes,very practical isnt it
  3. But when its done in a dressing gown and slippers during sub zero temperatures in the early hours of the morning still half asleep it makes it all the more worth while,AND hilarious to a neighbour! now THATS dedication,and i'm only a relative newcomer to the hobby! god knows what i'll be like when I manage to get some REAL equipment someday!
  4. They were all in bed LMAO Hey,we are the elite in society dont forget,they never get to appreciate even a fraction of this like we do,and madness does seem to be a factor involved with the hobby NOTE - The binos really are an important introduction it seems,the wide field of view as you mentioned is critical for learning large areas of the sky in one sweep.Two eyes are always better than one eh? I can just imagine having 2 very large telescopes mounted,one for each eye,surely someone somewhere has done/is doing that. Thanks
  5. I was outside,I mentioned that somewhere You think I would have stayed in for that?,man I was even in my dressing gown! LOL I really need to mount the binos though,I still cant properly counter the shakes I get from them,even the smallest shakes affect the overall potential of the view.
  6. Hope this is the right section to post this observation report,sadly without images. Last night became just another night dominated by thick cloud and rain,so I finally gave up on any remote chance of seeing anything up there in the sky,so,I went to bed around 11pm.After a few hours I had the strangest compelling feeling to wake up and look out of my window,the time was around 2am.As soon as I did so I was greeted with a fantastic clear view of the night sky,there wasnt a cloud to be seen anywhere and Orion was riding high in the south bang outside my window just calling to me to grab my binos
  7. So many combinations of achieving different things,and some of the DIY projects in here are nothing short of master class
  8. Cheers Really enjoying some of the older posts in here most of all.
  9. I have yet to even SEE the moon through my new binos I got the other week,largely due to the clouds and bad weather. Great shot your kid managed there. NOTE - you say this was done with a webcam too?,indoors would that have been? I have an old webcam somewhere knocking around and may give this method a go out in the backyard until I am finally ready (prob in about 10 years!) to give astro-photography a go.Again,great shot and an inspiration to those of us without cutting edge high tech equipment.
  10. A few brandies may help on the coldest of nights,not TOO much though,dont want no accidents do we Dont forget the humble hot water bottle for your er bum if you are seated,the very thought makes me feel better already.Astronomy and piles do NOT go together.
  11. If the conditions are good i'll be keeping a watchful eye out for the Leonids this month.Chances are though the blumming weather will play its 'trump' card and bring in the clouds.Do we look to the east,towards Leo would it be? Would a pair of 15 x 70 binos capture the event well enough to utter the words "wow?"
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